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Amalfi Coast Holidays, Italy

The ultimate Italian romantic getaway, the glamorous Amalfi Coast is a spectacular region of lemon trees, olive groves, vineyards and tiny villages - all clinging to the jagged cliffs that plunge straight into the sea below. The Amalfi Coast is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Away from the playpen of the rich and famous, the cliffside routes of the Amalfi Coast will take your breath away. You don’t need to be tough as old boots to trek these cliffs but you will need some stamina; your efforts will be more than rewarded once you’re out among the wild scenery. Cut inland from the cliffs and you find lemon groves, vineyards and deep gorges. Follow mule tracks and old trails to picturesque hillside villages.

After a day’s walking it’s best advised to follow Italian tradition by unwinding with a nice cool drink and soak up the evening’s rays. Then, fully relaxed, sample some superb Italian cuisine on a balmy terrace overlooking the boats in the harbour below.

Four things to do in Amalfi
1 Walking holidays along the coastal paths
Avoid hectic Italian roads by taking in the soaring views of the Amalfi Coast on foot. The towns and villages of Amalfi, Positano and Ravello are linked by cliff-top passes and old donkey trails. As each craggy corner unfolds more of this panoramic coastline is revealed. The ‘Walk of the Gods’ descending into Positano is a classic walking holidays.

2 Discover Ravello
Nestled in the hills above Amalfi and Positano, Ravello has an altogether different charm. Less cluttered and elegantly stylish, wander through whitewashed piazzas and stroll through the gardens of the fabulous Villa Ruffulo.

3 Sip a Limoncello
You’ll see it everywhere in Amalfi, its sunshine yellow winking at you from the souvenir shops and local restaurants. Limoncello is the local liquor, one of those holiday drinks that somehow seems to capture the mood. Drink it chilled as an after-dinner digestive as you watch the sun sinking into the Mediterranean.

4 Climb Mount Vesuvius
The legendary volcano dominates the Neopolitan skyline. Everywhere you look it rises ominously above the city and countryside below. Climb up the still active volcano for spectacular views right across the Bay of Naples, Pompeii and Herculaneum – the cities it utterly destroyed centuries ago.

If you prefer more striking mountain ranges than explore our Dolomites holidays, or if you prefer the buzz of a world-renowned city then see our Tuscany trips.

Amalfi Holidays

Walking The Amalfi Coast

Walking The Amalfi Coast

8 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,575.00

Discover the highlights of Italy's Amalfi coast on foot

  • Walk the heady ‘Path of the Gods’ to Positano
  • Stroll through Amalfi’s cobbled streets
  • Explore 2000 year-old history in Pompeii
  • Sample delicious wood-fired pizza
  • Feel at home at our family-run hotel with pool
Amalfi Coast: Pompeii & Pizza

Amalfi Coast: Pompeii & Pizza

8 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,710.00

Discover Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius and the famous Amalfi Coast of Italy

  • Explore Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius
  • Enjoy a boat trip to Positano and Capri
  • Make authentic Neapolitan pizza
The Amalfi Coast Self-Guided

The Amalfi Coast Self-Guided

8 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,235.00

Independent walks on Italy's magnificent Amalfi Coast

  • See Amalfi, Ravello and Positano
  • Walk the Path of the Gods
  • Enjoy the hotel's outdoor pool
Cycle Cilento & the Amalfi Coast

Cycle Cilento & the Amalfi Coast

8 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,995.00

Cycle along the stunning coast of Cilento and Amalfi

  • Discover the rugged Cilento National Park
  • Cycle along the stunning Amalfi Coast
  • Enjoy the Italian warm hospitality and succulent cuisine
  • Explore the beautiful towns of Amalfi and Ravello
Highlights of the Amalfi Coast

Highlights of the Amalfi Coast

8 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,520.00

Discover the stunning coastline and history of southern Italy

  • Take boat trips along the Amalfi coast and to the island of Capri
  • Visit the romantic coastal towns of Amalfi, Positano and Ravello
  • Enjoy the 'Walk of the Gods', one of the world's finest day walks
  • Visit Herculaneum, Naples and Vesuvius
  • Enjoy delicious Italian cuisine in a family-run hotel with pool

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