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Holidays in Africa

Top destinations in Africa

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South Africa

Top destinations in Africa

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Millions of wildebeest crossing the Mara River, elephants bathing in the shimmering waters of the Okavango Delta, a pride of lions on the prowl in Kruger, a camel train crossing the vast Sahara desert, lemurs skipping along a dirt track in Madagascar, a gorilla lazily chewing leaves in the Virunga Mountains, Africa is known for the wealth and diversity of its wildlife. Beyond... Read more

that, those who venture to the dark continent also experience an array of beautiful and changing landscapes, from the dunes of Namibia to Mt. Kilimanjaro towering over the savannah. As for its culture, it is no less fascinating whether its exploring the souks of Marrakech, visiting the ochre-covered Himba of Namibia or being bewitched by the beating of Ghana’s Ashanti drums or the chanting of Ethiopian priests.

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Best times to go

January - March

Towering over the savannah, Mt. Kilimanjaro is truly one of the world's classic treks.   
West Africa has a lot to offer culture vultures and birders alike.

April - June

Possibly the greatest wildlife encounter you can have.   
On the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, 'the Smoke that Thunders' is one of nature's great sights.

July - September

Witness millions of wildebeest and zebras crossing crocodile infested rivers, heading for greener pastures and awaiting predators.
Evolution has lead to an island filled with weird and wonderful endemic species.

October - December

Whether it's the country's unique culture or the staggering beauty of its dramatic scenery, Ethiopia is a place to be seen.
Get lost in souks and the quiet beauty of the desert.

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