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Wine Tour in Europe

Wine Tours

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Wine and Unwind

With Exodus, the next vineyard or unforgettable meal is often just a walk or cycle ride away. What better way to reward yourself than a feast fresh from a neighboring farm or wine-tasting in a village or famous vineyard? From mouthwatering gastronomic tours in Tuscany and picnicking alongside famous chateaux in Bordeaux to bubbly experiences in Prosecco and delicious Port wine tastings in Porto, the opportunities to get the cork out and sample some truly outstanding wines are endless.

Walk or cycle through the vineyards themselves and meet the people who follow each wine on its journey, from grape to glass. For many of our European wine tours, we even offer a complimentary wine pick-up service where our reps will collect any purchases you’ve made en route and transport them to your final hotel, leaving your hands free to enjoy even more local wines.

If you’ve got a passion for wine (and really, who doesn’t?), then we’ve got the wine tour for you. Get ready for your next grape escape.

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