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WIW Land of the Tiger

Hi there. My husband and I are booked for the Land of the Tiger tour in India starting on Feb 3, 2018. We'd like to get to know some of our traveling companions. We live close to the beach in New Jersey in the US. Anyone else joining us??

Anne & Bill


my sister and I will be joining the Land of the tiger trip on February 3rd 2018. We are flying from Manchester UK and will be joining the trip at Nagpur airport.

Susan and Kathryn

Hi Susan & Kathryn. Funny I didn't get an email about your comment. We just got a billing statement from Exodus so it is getting real. I am trying to arrange flights and transfers from Nagpur. It seems like the earliest we can get in is at 8:35 pm on Feb. 3. I know the people coming from Heathrow will be in much earlier. Will you be with that group or what time do you two get into Nagpur?


We get into Nagpur earlier than the Heathrow flight. So will be able to do the group transfer. 

Hope you manage to organise transport.


Thanks. I am thinking of flying in the day before. Exodus said they could pick us up at a hotel in Nagpur on their way to the airport to get the group.

We are arriving into Nagpur in the early hours of 03.02.18. Exodus have booked us a room at The Pride hotel. Although they have told us we will have to make our way back to the airport to meet the group.

Hey Susan. We decided to arrive in the evening of Feb 2 so we'll be staying at the Pride Hotel that night too. They told us they would swing by and pick us up on their way to the airport on Feb 3 to get the rest of the group. I would think that would work for you too?

Hey there,

just thought i'd drop a line to say I'm joining the trip. Arriving no doubt with the masses from Heathrow. Nice to see you have already made contacts and by the looks of it arranged to meet up early.

Looking forward to meeting the group

All the best


Nice to meet you, Michele! Just a few weeks to go. Bill and I are getting so excited. Right now the east coast of the US is under snow - 18 inches in our yard - so we can't wait to get to India!

Thanks Anne, yes now my visa is all sorted I'm starting to get excited too, but i was a late booker and only booked 19th December.

Although it's India's winter I'm sure it'll be warmer than what you have now.


  only just seen your comment about the Pride Hotel. Iasked Exodus about pick up form the hotel, but they didn't confirm that they would.

Getting excited now that our passports have returned with the Indian visas.

Hope the weather improves for you soon.

Cold and windy here but only about -3C and no snow.


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