Who else is joining this trip?

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Hi guys,

I know it seems such a long way away at the moment, but who else is booked on this trip?

Hi Jo

I fully support comments above, I found the tread is more important, if it is really really cold outside, and you are just searching the windows in the bar and the bridge offer great views, and then when something is spotted you can go outside.

And there are enough doors to get in/out of that you only need to be outside for as long as needed and adrenaline tends to kick in for the great sightings that i am sure Paul has booked in for us!.

I would recommend layers, it really works.tights, socks, slipper socks. easier to sort out when it gets warm inside.

All getting very excited now also checking footwear, clothing and camera equipment - yes I'm another man who is reading a manual to see how the new flaming thing works. Perhaps it is a trait of people who voyage to the extreme places in the world. Congratulations to all the honeymooners and anniversary celebrators going on the trip - what a great way to remember the special occasion

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Anyone else going to Paul's talk on Nov 11th? We'll be there; be nice to meet up with anyone else on the trip, share any ideas on what clothes, camera gear, etc., to take and generally panic about what we've not thought of!

Posted on behalf of Paul C. by Exodus' Web Master.

Hello everyone! Giving it another go to post, as Exodus seem to have been experiencing problems and say it should be back to normal now.
In the meantime, another week or two have flown by. Sonia and I have been through the trip notes, mostly so as to rejoice about the trip and avoid any unpleasant surprises and also figure out how much money to take in cash.
We have received the final joining instructions, and sooooooo look forward to getting up in the middle of the night in Santiago for the final stretch to Port Stanley! Well, I think the whole trip is going to be "24 hours on the go" anyway, and we will sleep when we get back, LOL!
14 more days to work for me and we will be flying to London. We are planning on meeting up with cgmoo at LHR around 8pm on the 19th, so if anyone wants to try and guess who we are, and finds us, we could have a meal together before the flight?
To answer bobm, we will not be in London before the 18th. See ya!

Hi everyone and belated thanks to those who congratulated us on our wedding - this forum has been playing silly b's and treating every post of mine as spam but hopefully fixed now. The post about Paul's talk was mine btw but posted by Bob for me)

Jenniebee/cgmoo -we'll also be at Heathrow for 8pm on the 19th (I expect we'll be there hours before that as were travelling by train and dont want to take any chances of delays!). How/where do you plan to meet? 22d19h3m before we set off. Excited doesnt even cover it.

Hi Paul! I heard from Bob at Exodus that you were having same problems as me for posting, and yes, it seems to be sorted now. And he told me he had posted your previous message on your behalf.
Moo tells me that we cannot check ourselves in for the moment ( as in we won't be able to when time comes) because the booking number we were given on joining instructions is the same for everybody. So how does that work out at airport??? I cannot imagine that we have to wait for all 100 passengers to check-in together?
Anyway, we plan on being at BA check-in at 8pm, so see you there? Cheers!

Morning everyone
It's good to see the forum up and running again, I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms from not hearing from anyone.

Concerning check in, we noticed that the locator number on the final joining instructions were different from the one we received months ago. Using the new YS number and our surname on the B.A. site we were able to log onto the "manage my booking" site and have filled out the advance passenger information. The site also said we could check in online from 22.10 on 18th Nov.

We will be arriving anytime between 6.30pm and 8pm depending on traffic and will look out for everyone. I have been looking at the South Georgia webcams and the seal pups have started to arrive in anticipation for our visit.

See you all very soon.

Having read the note above about checkin, I tried the BA site for 'manage my booking' just now with airline locator code sent on 19 Oct joining instructions and got the following msg:
Error Sorry. As this booking is for a large group we are unable to display it online. Please contact your local British Airways office or Travel Agent.

So does this mean we can't check in ahead? Any ideas?

Hello Anonymous, after Peppersmum's comment about checking in,mI contacted Exodus, as I got same message as you did. The answer is NO, we cannot check in 24h before departure as we would usually do, because it is a group booking reference number. So I imagine we just turn up at the chech-in counter on thursday evening. The plain will obviously be quite full of mad Antarctica fans!!!
So, see you there...

Sorry, I meant the plane..... Excuse my french!

I got the same - added it to my list of booked flights but cant do anything else. In the booking FAQs it says you cant manage bookings if there are 10 or more passengers in the group :( Presume we wont be able to checkin or select seats ahead of time. Might be a BA thing as havent had the same issue with Kenya Air on past Exodus group flights, although that might have been a smaller group.

All packed and ready for the off on Thursday as having a week in the Falklands first, then meeting up with my mate on the Vavilov. Can't wait. Going to Paul's talk in London on Wednesday evening too

yes just to confirm Kim Christie at Exodus has just replied to me "Unfortunately, it is not going to be possible to check-in online for these flights. I have 85+ people booked onto each reservation so check-in will only be available at the airport." Plenty of time to meet one another then!!

Well, it is reassuring that every one has the same answer about checking in...
Lucky Val to spend a week in the Falklands, hope you are planning to get around as there is so much wildlife there!
I wouldn't mind leaving this thursday either, as I am beginning to have ENOUGH of work and am longing to escape... 5 more working days... not that I am counting, LOL!
Suitcase nearly ready, have managed around 15kg, of course not counting photo equipment.
So looking forward to meeting all other 82 people at airport/in plane... Cheers!

Yes I am lucky and I'm going to two islands, Saunders Island where there is a large colony of rock hoppers and Carcass Island where there is another large colony of black-browed albatross. I really intend to get the most out of the week that I can. Congratulations to all who are going for a celebration. I celebrated a milestone birthday this year so this is my birthday present to me from me! I can justify anything if I want to

OK, so now officially in the 'panic mode' phase of the trip. Big suitcase is too big, small ones are too small, polariser filter is wonky and about to fall apart and i just dont seem to have enough memory cards. (Well, i probably do and im taking a laptop and external HDD for backing up but you can never have enough cards can you? On my last Antarctic trips i took over 6000 photos! :). Time for some last minute shopping.

Well done Val for keeping your case down to 15kg, not bad considering you're away for an additional week - wish we'd gone ahead a booked a week on the Falklands as well. Seems a shame to go all that way and see it for just a few hours.

Anyone any idea how much it costs for laundry on board? Toss up between cost v weight to carry but my laundry bill on the last trip was <$50 so edging towards going light and paying.

Lol! That was me actually, but no worries...
Yes, on previous trip we also stopped ar Saunders & Carcass islands and had great times there, so hope you get lots to see, Val!
Am going to spend next 3 days finalizing my photo equipment, and then I think it will be time to fill suitcase and fligh to London, yippee!

Paul - I don't remember the cost, but I do remember that it was reasonable, so I know that I will be using it.

Carey and Janet here we are - like Val - heading for the Falklands for a week before joining this cruise. Very excited now - but packing is more of a problem keeping to the wait restriction. Well done Val - see you at the airport.

Thanks to everyone for sorting out the check in confusion. Everyone seems so organised that you are making me worried, I have forgotten something. If I remember correctly there were two sockets in our cabin and when you are trying to charge things you usually need more than that so it might be worth taking a small multi socket plug. I hope everyone who is out there a week early has a lovely week., and look forward to hearing all about it. Special regards to Val who I haven't met before but is a friend of my Artic cabin mate Sarah! Travelling with Exodus certainly makes the world smaller in more ways than one, as I understand that other people from the June 2014 Svalbard trip will also be on board. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Looking forward to meeting you Subi, have heard a lot about you from Sarah. Off to the airport now, everyone else I wish you a safe trip next week and I'll look forward to meeting you all on the ship

Bags packed 2 days early because i wanted to check their weight. The good news is that the hold luggage is under 15kg :) The other good news is that the carry on camera bag is below the 55x35x25cm size limit :) Sadly tho, it weighs 13kg so i'm going to be paying an excess if Aerolineas Argentinas spot it. As best i can calculate it'll be 180ARS, about £12.50, so not too bad. Looking forward to seeing everyone at LHR.

Hi Paul! Well done with your hold luggage! Mine is around 16.5kg so should be ok as well, I might even add a few cables in there to save weight on camera bag... Will decide tomorrow morning before flying to London. I think we are flying eith LAN after Buenos Aires, which could be good because I remember in 2010 Aerolineas Argentinas only allowed 15 kg in hold! Then again, several people had more and were not charged excess luggage.
4 more hours to work, yippee ! See you all at LHR around 7pm... Nearly there!!!

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