Primates and Dragons

Just thought I'd pop up a post to see who else is going to be joining me and my wife on this trip in a few weeks time?

Hi I am going maybe meet up with fellow travelers at Heathrow pre-flight?

Hi Neil,

We'd be up for a meet up pre-flight, it'd be good to get to know as many people as possible. Lets see if anyone else responds to this and perhaps arrange a meeting place and time.

Hi David and Louise I aim to arrive and check in around 8-30/9am

We'll probably be showing up at check in around about the same time so can meet up there if you like. Look out us, I've got dark hair and a beard, Louise has long blonde hair and we'll both be carrying rucksacks with an Exodus label. Let me know and we'll hang around at check in for you.

Hi I will look out for you there I will have a black rucksack with an Exodus label on it.I am about 5 ft 8 ins mid brown shortish hair and I expect to be wearing grey walking trousers

I will be looking out for you . I am about 5ft 8 ins medium brown shortish hair I will be wearing grey trousers black hoodie and black rucksack with an Exodus label on the side pocket

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