I look forward to meet you in Cape Town. My arrangement is 'land' only. Touch down is some hours after the group at 9.20 pm. I am sorry I will have to disturb my 'roomie' a little late. 

QUESTION 1: I know the group has a transfer, so my question is directed towards other land based participants: Where do we stay the first night? There are 5 'Sweet Guest Houses' to pick from.

QUESTION 2: Whale watching (St. Lucia) - is there somebody else planning to go? Apart from me :-)


Else JEAN Jensen

Hi Else

Good to hear from another traveler on this trip.  Not long now till departure I am flying from London so will meet you when you arrive in Capetown.  The trip sounds amazing I am so looking forward to it,  not sure about the whale watching wil decide once there.

Safe journey see you in Capetown



Very nive to hear from you. In the meantime I've learnmed the group is staying at Sweet Ocean View. I've booked a whale watching trip from Cape Town (also) and need the pick-up point, therefore I had to ask for the guest house.

Agreed the trip is varied and 'get us around' - see you there and the rest of the group in less than two weeks.



I'm at work and in a hurry - sorry about the typing ;-)

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