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Departure Lounge

Chat with fellow travellers before your holiday.

Everyone can read the posts without being a member of the Exodus website community.

However, you must be an online member; i.e. have a website account, to start, join in and comment on an existing conversation. If you're not signed into your website account already, please sign in here

To join or start a discussion, after signing in, please select the month (a.k.a. room) you are travelling in. When the page appears, select the trip you are travelling on by using the 'Search the Forum' dropdown list in the 'room' (month of travel). If your trip is not listed, no forum topic has been started by a fellow traveller yet.

To start a conversation (topic/discussion), click on the green 'Conversation' button on the page (room/month of travel) you are viewing. When the 'Create a forum topic' page appears, please be sure to name your title clearly so people know which (departure) date and trip you are discussing. Also, do not forget to select the name of your trip from the dropdown list within the page so that it can be 'tagged' (assigned) to the 'Search the Forum' list and please note, adding any external hyperlinks is not allowed in your conversation, posts or comments.

Thank you for using the Exodus Travel Forum: The Departure Lounge.


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