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Canadian Rockies trip July 5th

Sun, 06/08/2014 - 20:57

Is anyone else coming on this trip?

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:13

Hi, yes, I am! I'm really looking forward to it. I love walking and camping and it will be my first trip to Canada. I am flying out a day early to go to the Calgary Stampede before the trip starts. Less than three weeks to go!

Tue, 06/17/2014 - 05:34

I know, it's coming round quickly. Really good idea to go out early for the Stampede. I am on the scheduled flight so arrive at the hotel late on Saturday. My first trip to Canada too but everything I hear about this part is good.

Tue, 06/17/2014 - 23:05

I will see you at the hotel on the Sunday morning. In the meantime I suppose I should start thinking about what to pack... Fleece and gore-tex should cover most eventualities!

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