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Group canyoning


Slide, leap, scramble and swim your way along the canyon

Canyoning Holidays

Canyoning is the act of getting from one end of a beautiful canyon or gorge to another – by any means necessary! Expect to be jumping off ledges into deep, clear pools, scrambling over rocks, tumbling into the water, slithering and sliding down chutes pummelled smooth by water erosion, wading through knee-deep water and swimming with the current. Canyoning trips are one of the most fun, exhilarating ways to spend a day in the mountains.

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Canyoning Adventure Holidays

Where should I go?

All you really need for canyoning is a spectacular canyon or gorge – generally steep-sided, dramatic and beautiful – with a river rushing through. There are many locations worldwide, but we choose destinations with warm, sunny climates to keep your temperature up while you enjoy the water! Mediterranean sunshine in places like Turkey and Slovenia makes all the difference in running water. It’s an adventurous, unusual way to see the beauty and magnificence of the environment.

Canyoning will test your mettle, but its focus is on having fun rather than being an arduous physical challenge. To join one of our canyoning tours, no previous experience is necessary – all you need is a willingness to give it a go. Exodus will ensure you’re kitted out in the right gear – wetsuit, helmet, sticky soled shoes – and our experienced leaders will make sure you are safe and looked after throughout, so you can focus on having fun and leave the rest to them. Get ready to take the plunge!