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In recent decades, rhino populations have been decimated by poaching – a barbaric practice sustaining the demand in Asia for powdered rhino horn – a substance proven by scientists to have no medicinal or healing properties whatsoever.

Today there are fewer than 30,000 rhinos left in the wild, with 95% of the world’s population lost in just four decades. The rhino’s survival is also threatened by urbanisation and pollution, and today 3 of 5 rhino species are teetering on the brink of extinction with others severely endangered, according to the IUCN Red List.

Rhino Conservation

Rhino Poaching CrisisBlack rhino

Remembering Rhinos

Here at Exodus, we all feel very strongly about protecting our planet’s wildlife and preserving it for future generations. Alongside our wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein, we are incredibly proud to support the Born Free Foundation’s Remembering Rhinos book project (following on from the huge success of last year’s Remembering Elephants campaign that raised over £130k for elephant protection in Africa). Paul is just one of over 50 photographers contributing to the stunning limited edition hardback.

Rhino infographic

Rhino infographic

Please feel free to share our special rhino infographic to help us raise even more awareness about the threats facing our world’s rhino populations. Their survival hangs in the balance.

Struggling to read it? See the full infographic as a larger-size PDF.

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