The Matterhorn is one of the most easily recognised mountains in the world, sticking out above the surrounding peaks like a giant, jagged fang. Whether you are seeing it for the first or the umpteenth time, its appeal is undeniable…

Seeing it for the first time

Views of the Matterhorn – SwitzerlandThe Matterhorn


Dave Richardson, Sales Next time you are about to tuck into a bar of Toblerone, take a closer look at the image etched on the side of the packet; it is the Matterhorn. Each chunk is a chocolaty representation of this iconic mountain and as you pop the next one effortlessly into your mouth, do yourself a favour and make a resolution to lace up your boots and head to Switzerland to see the real thing. Not only will you enjoy high mountain scenery, the buzz of Zermatt, the whistles of marmots and glimpses of chamois, but you’ll also be doing your waistline the power of good. This is a fantastic trek; some of the days will be tough but well worth the effort. Starting on some trails which will be familiar to anyone who has done the Mont Blanc Circuit, you strike off towards Switzerland. Walking from France, to French-Switzerland to German-Switzerland, seeing the gradual change over the two weeks, is a real treat – just remember to take a Toblerone to enjoy a well-earned chunk at the finish!  

Seeing it for the umpteenth time

Views of the Matterhorn – SwitzerlandAlpine trail on the Haute Route


Mark Faulkner, Tour Leader The Matterhorn is a visual magnet; there is so much detail that staring is a necessity. Through the clear, crisp mountain air, hours can be enjoyed trying to spot climbers near the top and admiring the rock changing colour as the sun moves overhead. Although it is one of the most photogenic mountains in the world, in real life it delivers so much more. From all sides it’s a big jagged fang rising out of a panorama of other stunning mountains. How the glaciers carved it in the first place is a wonder. I have been leading in the area for many years and have never tired of visiting and revisiting the mountain tracks that surround the Matterhorn.  

Your words, not ours…

“The reward of the Matterhorn on the last day was mesmerising…  it was bathed in shining sun and was a worthy end to the trip.” Quote taken from one of our trekkers.

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