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Inspired by the incredible feats of the Olympians? There’s still time to fit in an Olympic-inspired escape before summer…

It’s hard not to get caught up in the spellbinding joy of the Olympics. From the incredible physical feats of the highly trained athletes, the nail-biting tension in the crowds, to the pure beauty of the snowy surroundings, it’s enough to melt the iciest heart.

You don’t have to go to South Korea to join the celebrations. Emulating the Olympic greats is easier than you think, with no shortage of options close to home, with areas of northern Scandinavia still snow-clad as late as the Easter holidays. 

Cross Country Skiing

This area also has the advantage of being the crucible of cross-country skiing, one of the original nine disciplines of the first-ever Winter Olympics.

Cross-country skiing in Kvitavatn keeps its title as Exodus’ most popular cross-country skiing trip, where the sheer variety of routes available means we’re able to offer this fantastic destination to skiers of all abilities, from first-timers to experienced skiers.

Cross-country skiing KvitavatnCross country skiing

“Just back from an amazing way to spend the New Year. I was slightly hesitant that skiing may not be my thing but it’s so accessible to get involved in, even for the complete novice. What great fun..” Victoria Harris

The other podium spots for popular cross-country skiing go to Dobbiaco in Italy, for its bristling limestone buttresses and the rich variety of loipe, the pre-cut tracks that lead you through the landscape, and Venabu in Norway, for its remote wilderness feel and scenic national park splendour.

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 Olympic taxi-bob, LillehammerBobsledding


For thrill seekers, the call of the bobsled is too tempting to ignore. To truly emulate the pros, we have just the tonic. Make a beeline for Lillehammer, host of the 1994 Winter Olympics, to use the same track as the official games and hurtle at incredible speeds down the track. It’s an adrenaline rush you’ll never forget.

Bobsled isn’t all Lillehammer offers. The Olympic City veteran has lost none of its excitement, and there’s not just the bobsled to contend with – there’s also a chance to team up to take on curling. It’s one of Team GB’s favourite categories, hot on the heels of Eve Muirhead claiming gold at the European Championship in Switzerland, making the team a favourite for the Olympics.

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Mixed up in all the energy, exciting, heated competition and pride of the Olympics, there also comes a sense of community. We won’t be the first, or the last, to say that sport brings us together. But if that spark of like-mindedness appeals to you, of people united by one, an over-arching common passion, then Exodus small group winter adventures are probably for you.

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