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Gina has wild camped alongside hippos on the banks of the Zambezi, sipped homemade schnapps in Romanian barns, swum in the Norwegian fjords and lost a snowball fight at the base of the Torres del Paine. You'll find her with her walking boots on, heading for the mountains.

Reasons to combine a parkrun with your adventure holiday

Reasons to combine parkrun with an adventure

If you’re a born traveller, you’ll understand the appeal of parkrun tourism. What’s a parkrun tourist? It’s any parkrunner who travels beyond their nearest parkrun to enjoy the variety and new experiences that travel brings.

But why not extend your tourism above and beyond your local area and use it as a chance to explore the world?

Alphabet parkrun: Be a Global parkrun Tourist

parkrun tourism

What is a parkrun tourist? It’s anyone who enjoys a parkrun that isn’t their immediate local run - simple as that! And if you're a globetrotting jogger, then the global success of parkrun means there's a whole host of incredibly exciting routes waiting for you. But it makes no sense to travel all that way and not see some of the country whilst you're there... 

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