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Caitlin Overend

Travel Expert - Caitlin Overend

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Caitlin's passion for travel started with her very first whirlwind of a road trip across Iceland and has flourished into a love to last the ages.

Introducing Caitlin Overend

Whether she's camping in the jungles of Costa Rica, snorkelling past wild dolphins in the Azores, or people watching from a corner cafe in Paris, Caitlin's love for travel knows no bounds.

You can almost always find her with a camera in hand - her preferred way of sharing the essence of a new destination is through photos and videos. 

Read more about Caitlin's travels below.

3 Luxury Cruises to Take in 2019

Costa Rica to Panama Luxury Cruise

There’s something about an intimate cruise ship that conjures up images of the world’s very first explorers. From the never-ending colonies of penguins in Antarctica to the picture-perfect turquoise waters of Central America, take to the seas to reach the far-off destinations you’ve always dreamed of that can only be reached by boat. Luxury expedition ships get you off the beaten path like never before, with small group sizes meaning you get up close and personal with the people and destinations you’ve only ever read of.

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