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Polar Expedition

Travel Expert - Alex Morris

Introducing Alex Morris

Alex swapped a coaching role at Newcastle United Academy for a ‘work and travel’ job in the USA in his first year at university - five summers, two winters and a Master’s Degree later there was no doubt that a career in travel was on the cards.

After lifeguarding, Water-skiing & Wakeboarding his way through multiple Summer Camps in the States, Alex was naturally drawn to a colourful career in adventure travel. Since then, he has managed resorts in the Alps, road-tripped the length & breadth of 36/50 states in North America and more recently set his sights on exploring the world’s last great wilderness, the Antarctic. As our in-house Polar Region Specialist, Alex is fascinated by both the wildlife & wilderness of the great Continent. He is now eagerly awaiting his next expedition with Exodus but in the meantime, he is on hand to answer any questions you might have. So, whether you’re setting your sights on the epic Rocky Mountains or craving the seclusion of the icy waters of the Arctic, he’s here to help.

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