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This time of year is often marked by a plethora of lists and countdowns. We thought we’d get into the spirit of things by sharing our top 5 moments from a show we’re very passionate about: Planet Earth II!

Best Planet Earth II Moments

#5 – Widow birds bouncing

We kick off the countdown with bizarre and hilarious footage of Widow birds in the Masai Mara attempting to attract the attention of a mate. While it’s on here mostly because it made us laugh (a lot), the clip is also an amazing technical accomplishment.

#4 – Locusts swarming

There’s a sense of awe and horror that pervades this disturbing sequence. The sheer scale of the swarm is monstrous, and the bizarre, inexplicable nature of the thing only compounds that unsettling texture. The crew have done a wonderful job here.

#3 – Langur parkour in Jodhpur

It was a joy to behold these langurs leap with staggering athleticism across the rooftops of Jodhpur, India. Seeing these creatures as much at home in this concrete jungle as they ever were in the trees is a fascinating spectacle – they move with assured and determined fluidity between buildings, the ultimate parkour athletes.

#2 – Snow leopards fighting for survival

Snow leopards are historically extremely difficult to film, and nigh impossible to film up-close. But this unforgettable, brutal footage changed everything. We watched with bated breath as tensions between the cats reached breaking point and ferocious fights broke out.

We breathed a sigh of relief as the young female took her first steps into the wide world, alive only by virtue of her mother’s courage. As remarkable for its innovation as its quality, this would be a winner if it weren’t for…

#1 – Marine iguana hatchlings fleeing from Racer snakes

Who could forget this terrifying, tense and thrilling chase in which newborn Marine iguanas are pursued by hordes of racer snakes in the Galapagos?

The heady highs and gruesome lows of the reptiles’ mad dash for safety, complete with desperate leaps for high ground as the snakes snap at their tails, immediately captured the public imagination, and more than earns the number 1 spot!

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