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A winter holiday doesn’t have to be all about the ‘chill factor’. Sure, there’s plenty of snow-based activity to keep you busy on an Exodus winter adventure, from cross-country skiing to igloo building, but there’s also plenty to enjoy during the downtime.


Types of Winter Activity Holidays

Whether you’ve been charging along the Arctic Circle on a dogsled, crossing Icelandic glaciers on crampons or traversing snow-clad mountainsides on snowshoes in the Dolomites, it’s always nice to relax after a day of winter adventure.

So once you’ve had your fun in the snow, here are five ways to fend off the winter chill as you wind down…

Take a bubble bath in frozen Finland

Basecamp OulankaBasecamp Oulanka

Set deep within Oulanka National Park, a snow-clad wilderness in northern Finland, this beautiful wooden eco-lodge provides the perfect respite from the frosty chill.

Inside, roaring log fires crackle and pop, while the outside the hot tub bubbles and steams. Perched on a pine terrace and surrounded by snow, it looks out over Oulanka’s swathes of evergreen forests.

Serenely beautiful, blissfully atmospheric, there are fewer places better to relax close to nature than here.

You can even enjoy a drink from the bar and, for the really fortunate, watch the Northern Lights as you bathe!

The winter warmers don’t stop there either as there is also an expertly crafted sauna at Basecamp.

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Drink Grappa in the Dolomites

Cross-country skiing in the DolomitesCross-country skiing in the Dolomites

You can feel both the influences of Austria and Italy when you’re in the Dolomites, but the tradition of supping a shot or two of grappa in the mountains to fend off the winter chill remains an Italian one.

As the fiery warmth of the grape brandy hits your throat, the heat wafts through your body and brings a rosy glow to your cheeks! There’s no better local tipple to warm the cockles and unwind after an action-packed day of fun in the snow.

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Enjoy a Slovakian soak in the Tatras

Top 5 Winter Travel Destinations Bukowina Tatranska

After in exhilarating morning of dogsledding in the High Tatra Mountains, the jagged spine between Poland and Slovakia, retreat to the foothills for a soak in the thermal pools at Bukowina Tatranska.

The waters, heated by geothermal activity to temperatures around 30°C, are said to have healing properties due to their high mineral levels.

So sit back, relax and unwind against a serene winter backdrop of glistening, snow-draped peaks and let nature do its work. Bliss.

Campfire Dining on the Vesteralen Islands

Top 5 Winter Travel Destinations Traditional Sami Lavvo

After spending days exploring these incredible Arctic Circle islands, you’ll gather around a crackling campfire in a traditional Sami lavvo for your last group meal.

Wrapped up in your thermals and sat on fur-covered benches, your guides prepare and cook a traditional wilderness dinner.

With steaming cups of lingonberry juice flowing and a hearty portion of moose pie, you could forget you were in the middle of a frozen wilderness within the Arctic Circle!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the shimmering colours of the Northern Lights dancing overhead too as they are frequently sighted here.

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Wallow in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Top 5 Winter Travel DestinationsBlue Lagoon Iceland

For an instant warm-up take a dip in the rejuvenating waters of the Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa in the middle of a lava field in Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Averaging temperatures between 36-39°C and high in minerals like silica and sulphur, bathers come from around the globe for the chance to soak in this soothing lagoon.

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