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Food is not simply fuel. It’s an excuse for friends and family to gather together, a celebration of regional idiosyncrasies and specialities; it is part of our cultural identity.

How better to learn about a place than by pulling up a chair and breaking bread with the locals, seeing where the ingredients are sourced and even learning a traditional recipe or two?

Global Food Adventures

With this ethos in mind, Exodus is proud to introduce our new food adventures. We’ve started with some of the freshest ideas, added a handful of cookery classes, several large dollops of traditional culture, squeezed in some trips to local markets, and finished it all off with an experienced guide with a passion not only for their country but for their cuisine as well. It’s a recipe that will give you a real taste for adventure.

Sicily Food Adventure

A Taste for Adventure – Travel for Food LoversSicily food marketGooey arancini (fried balls of rice stuffed with yumminess), chunky slabs of panelle (Sicilian fritters made with gram flour) and heaped sfincione (the original deep-pan pizza): the streets of Palermo’s markets are heaving with snack-friendly finger food.

But forget simply eating, roll up your sleeve for hands-on cookery classes with local chefs in Trapani, see the process at a deservedly famous chocolate factory and wash it all down with wine tastings from the different regions.

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Vietnam Food Adventure

A Taste for Adventure – Travel for Food LoversCookery class, VietnamRed hot chillies and oodles of noodles lure culinary enthusiasts in, whilst colonial history lingers in the scent of freshly baked baguettes being sold on bicycles.

Most street food can be tailored to your taste buds: add your own salty fish sauce, turn up the heat with red hot chillies, or lift the flavours with a dash of citrus and piles of fresh herbs.

We celebrate Vietnam’s famous freshness from plant to plate with a cycle ride around the herb village of Tra Que, get a taste for home cooking on the Mekong Delta and enjoy a candlelit seafood dinner floating on the calm waters of Halong Bay.

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Northern India Food Adventure

A Taste for Adventure – Travel for Food LoversThaliWho can think of India without a hunger pang, from the innumerable spices in innumerable combinations for delicious curries, slow-cooked marinades and speedy samosas served on street corners?

We dive right in, from exceptional lunches representative of India’s many regional variations to cookery demonstrations and classes, all against the backdrop of Rajasthan’s exceptional architectural and natural beauty.

Try thali, a taste sensation of many little dishes designed to hit all six flavours of sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent (light) and pungent (spicy) – all served with a heap of fluffy rice.

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Classic Thailand – Food Departures

A Taste for Adventure – Travel for Food LoversThai riceFollowing our usual Classic Thailand itinerary, but this time with a foodie focus. Each Thai food dish is a miniature work of art – vibrant dishes that value colour almost as much as flavour and never fail to brighten a table.

Expect a rush of local ingredients, including bountiful fresh fish and rich, sweet coconut sauces. Vegetarians are well catered for, with a cornucopia of fresh vegetables rarely spotted on our supermarket shelves ready to try.

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Imperial Cities and Coasts of Morocco – Food Departures

A Taste for Adventure – Travel for Food LoversMoroccan tagineEnter Morocco’s world-famous souks, and beneath the shady canvas awnings, you’ll find an intoxicating maelstrom of scents and sights.

From rainbow-coloured spices in sky-high pyramids to freshly baked flat discs of bread, you’ll be lost in a maze of delicious treats all day.

Not content with simply tasting? You’ll have the chance to cook your own tagine in a traditional earthenware pot, and spend a night with a Moroccan family in the holy city of Moulay Idriss who will show you how to prepare the perfect cous cous.

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Indulge in our foodie tours below and plan a gastronomic break.