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Take parkrun tourism to the next level with this Italian treat…

Treviso parkrun is a treat. Sandwiched between Venice and the Prosecco Hills, this two-lap parkrun follows the familiar format of all parkruns around the world: friendly folk gather together at 9am on a Saturday morning to run, jog or walk their weekly 5km. But instead of your local route, you’ll be running in Italy.

Treviso parkrun

Prosecco Hills

Prosecco HillsProsecco Hills

As well as a chance to enjoy a parkrun in Italy (adding some serious kudos to your parkrun tourism!) this course in itself is a very pleasant route.

Don’t worry, despite being near the Prosecco Hills the route itself is flat. It’s two anticlockwise laps, a long oval-shape that gives you a chance to really hit your stride.

You begin on a wide gravel track for the first half before looping round into the woods on a narrow trail between the trees, accompanied by birdsong and leafy foliage. This pretty pathway through the woods brings you around and back onto the wide track for your second lap.

Nearby, you’ll see the Wildlife Recovery Centre, a small animal rescue charity, and the urban gardens alongside the park added to the community feel for which parkrun is already known.

Treviso parkrun is a local favourite, but it’s a small run – nothing compared to the several hundred finishers some of the UK runs have. As for the atmosphere – it feels like a lovely, local event, and one you can be proud to take part in.

The added bonus is your Exodus leader will be there to easily smooth over any language barriers, help answer any questions you may have about the course and take care of the logistics of reaching the run – for them, this is their home turf.

Follina Abbey, Prosecco HillsL’abbazia di Santa Maria

Plus, if you’d like an extra record, they have their own Strava where you can share your results with the community online. 

Afterwards, there’s time to explore Treviso itself. This beautiful place is a maze of narrow cobbled streets and pretty canals, like Venice in miniature but without the same sky-high visitor numbers.

Inside the medieval city walls, you’ll find plenty of places to purchase a small post-run reward, whether in the form of gelato, artisan cheese or perhaps another glass of the region’s finest prosecco.

Treviso, ItalyCosa Visitare a Treviso

The following day, you’ll enjoy a stunning circular walk through the rolling vineyards and stunning scenery of the Prosecco Hills themselves, with the chance to meet the producers and enjoy a wine tasting of the famous flavours of the region.