Travel rich but time poor? Make the most of those precious hours on an Exodus short break. With a leader armed with local knowledge by your side, there’s no better way to capitalise on your capital. These snappy, exciting adventures inject a quick thrill into any dull month; easy to negotiate with employers, no annual leave wasted and with Exodus leading the way, these hassle-free holidays will abate any wanderlust cravings. How much can you really pack into just one weekend? Let’s find out…

Become an Olympic champion

Top 3 Short & Sweet Long Weekend AdventuresNo adrenaline enthusiast could resist. Turn your weekend up to ten and head for Lillehammer, host of the 1994 winter Olympics, and brave the same bobsled and taxi-bob routes as the professionals. For the truly daring, there’s the option to take on the skeleton bob, lying face-first with your nose just inches from the ice as you hurtle down the track. But that’s not all – you’re able to pack in curling and air boarding, plus optional downhill skiing as well. Before you know it you’ll be whisked back home with more than a few stories to tell. 

Light up your nights

Top 3 Short & Sweet Long Weekend Adventures

The ethereal dance of the Aurora Borealis has enchanted humanity for aeons, a shimmering nocturnal rainbow weaving between the stars. This is one for the bucket list, but Iceland boasts many more lures; this is an adolescent landscape still throwing temper tantrums, with explosive geysers, ash-spewing volcanoes and thunderous waterfalls all as standard. After the excitement, a warming dip in the steaming blue-white waters of the glacial lagoon comes as a welcome relaxation.

Taking you there Iceland Northern Lights 

An Atlas Ascent

Top 3 Short & Sweet Long Weekend Adventures

Stretch your legs and your horizons to the top of North Africa and back in just five days. Nowhere is more enticing to the itchy footed peak-bagger than Mount Toubkal, highest peak in North Africa. Morocco is alluring to any traveller for whom time is of the essence, with just a three hour flight from the UK, and the swift and sure-footed trekker can make the mountain their own in a matter of days. To really push yourself head over for winter, where snow-capped summits, ice axes and crampons await.

Taking you there  Mount Toubkal Long Weekend  

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