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Roshan Fernando, one of our local leaders in Sri Lanka, tells us about his experience as a leader for Exodus.

Introducing Roshan Fernando

My name is Roshan Fernando. I was born in 1975 and in 1995 I completed a course at the Ceylon tourist board in order to obtain a licence to work as a National tourist guide lecturer. I have been working for Exodus since 1997 and in that time I have led 138 Exodus trips to date and have attended 4 Exodus training programmes.

I am proud to say that I was chosen as one of the best three Exodus leaders at the Exodus training programme in 2004, nominated for the Wanderlust Paul Morrison Guide of the Year Award in 2006 and I was awarded the Responsible Tourism award in 2007 by Exodus for my work with a Tsunami project.

In 2007 I visited the UK and travelled around and visited many places including London, Hampshire, the Peak District, Lake District, New Forest, Devon and Cornwall. This helped me a lot to understand the English culture and sense of humour etc. The Exodus clients are good fun – we play cricket on the beach, walk through jungles, do boat rides, safaris etc.

sri lanka tea plantationsSri Lanka tea plantations

Tsunami Project

The best thing I have done through Exodus so far was the tsunami project. It was a really good feeling. It is great to know that still there are lots of good people in this world. I received a lot of money from Exodus’ clients visiting Sri Lanka and donating, as well as from Exodus as a company too.

We built 11 houses and bought boats, engines and nets for some of the Tsunami victims. None of this would have been possible had it not been for Exodus highlighting the work that was going on to start the process of rebuilding lives after the tsunami. I am looking forward to working for Exodus for many years to come.


  • Roshan was absolutely fantastic. He had the perfect balance between being a leader and being part of the group. He always had everything in control, but at the same time making it seems effortless. There wasn’t a moment when I thought there was anything that could have been organised better or when I felt anxious about anything. He had a fantastic knowledge of his country and its history and could answer every question we threw at him, however extreme. He was also very good socialising and having fun, including playing cricket and singing karaoke! But be warned – he likes to tell jokes. If you go on this trip, be sure to have plenty of jokes and quotes up your sleeve to compete! – Sarah Harper
  • Roshan was excellent. He gave good in-depth knowledge as well as being able to answer the most obscure questions about the judicial system and municipal services. Struck a good balance between guiding us around and letting us see and experience things for ourselves. Be warned though – he’ll tell some terrible jokes! – Karin Hall

2010 Exodus Leader Awards – Meet the ‘Best of the Best’

Overall Winner 2010: Roshan Fernando from Sri Lanka Roshan received uniformly fantastic feedback across 2010 – an amazing achievement considering that he leads the same itinerary almost back to back in his native Sri Lanka.  His immense knowledge, fantastic sense of humour, boundless enthusiasm and deep understanding of Brits (what makes us ‘tick’ and what we want from our holiday) makes him an invaluable leader for Exodus and was obviously recognized by his clients in 2010 too!

Judges comments: “Roshan has had another incredible year.  His feedback has been uniformly fantastic throughout 2010.  He leads the same itinerary almost back to back and manages to make every client feel as though it is the first time he has led it.  His phenomenal knowledge of Sri Lanka and combined with deep understanding of British clients (and their varied needs) makes him the perfect leader.”

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