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When they manage to get away from their desks and shed the trappings of office life, our cycling experts here at Adventure HQ love nothing more than saddling up and discovering the world’s best biking routes.

Their enthusiasm pays off – because they’ve road-tested our cycling adventures, they can tell you from personal experience which ones are best suited to you.

We asked our experts to share some of their favourite rides that they think you’ll love as much as they did…

Ian recommends…

Sri Lanka’s scenic descents

“It’s my favourite Exodus tour on two wheels!” Ian, Business Development Manager enthuses. “Why? Because there are no long bus journeys as you cycle from point to point taking in all the magnificent scenery and meeting friendly locals along the way. The trip has been well designed by Peter, who has lived and cycled in Sri Lanka for over 20 years – you can tell he knows his stuff!”


an in Sri Lanka

Ian in Sri Lanka

When asked to give a favourite moment, Ian can’t help but choose two. “There are some magnificent downhill sections at Ella Gap, and I dare anyone not to let out whoops of joy as you fly down these roads! Another highlight of the tour is visiting Yala National Park, hoping to spot an elusive leopard, which thankfully we did.”

Yala National Park

Yala National Park

In fact, Ian loved Sri Lanka generally. “If you love culture, breathtaking scenery, ancient ruins and delicately spiced food, Sri Lanka should be on your list of places to visit!”

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Alex recommends…

Croatia’s perfect coastline

Croatia is one of the top-tipped destinations of the moment. Tourism has increased massively in the last few years as its popularity has grown exponentially. But it’s still easy to find off-the-beaten-track gems in this Mediterranean beauty… if you know where to look, of course. 

Alex in Croatia

Alex in Croatia

“Panoramic views of vineyards in the distance and the azure blue waters of the Adriatic, sun shining warmth on your back and quiet roads. What’s not to like about cycling in Croatia?” Exodus’ sales expert Alex Burgess quips. 

Cycling in Croatia

Cycling in Croatia

The climate here is blessed with Mediterranean sunshine and cooling sea breezes off the Adriatic, making Cycling the Dalmatian Coast a sheer joy.

Monica recommends…

Italy’s southern charm

Monica Princic, Product Manager, adored Puglia from the second she arrived. “I loved it!” she declares. “Here it feels like the time has stopped and you can truly see how local people are living.”

Monica with her bike

Monica with her bike

Puglia is known for its idyllic countryside and dramatic coastline – Adriatic on one side, Ionian on the other. It’s home to the unique Trulli houses, cone-shaped dwellings built by local workers from distinctive white stone. The region offers a great mix of sightseeing, culture and seaside. But it isn’t these things Monica remembers most.

Puglia harbour

Puglia harbour

“It’s all the local villages,” she says. “You get the chance to ride through these places and truly experience the warm hospitality Puglia is well known for. Plus, the food is amazing in the region – and the ice cream is to die for!” 

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Kent recommends…

The Baltics by bike

Cycling the Baltics was a wonderful holiday through three distinct countries filled with historic significance, charm and natural, untouched beauty.” Says Kent Phillips, Exodus’ Regional Business Development Manager USA.

Kent in the Baltics

Kent in the Baltics

One of his favourite aspects of the trip was it was the perfect blend of rural and metropolitan. “Not only did we have time to explore the fascinating cities of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius but spent time in off the beaten path villages, national parks and authentic properties along the way.”

The chance to see not just one but three fascinating countries is part of the appeal too. “It was a perfect mix of enthralling cycling in the countryside, woodlands and on coastal routes, while enjoying afternoons and evenings soaking up the atmosphere and delights that each stop offered.”

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