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Patagonia is huge. The Lake District alone covers a mind-boggling amount of land, and that’s only the ‘gateway’ to the region.

The true majesty of some of the southernmost scenery on the planet is best captured up close; and on two wheels, you can cover more distance than on foot, giving you a chance to see the very best of the region. Here are our top five reasons to cycle Patagonia.

Cycling Patagonia

Scenery best seen from the saddle

Lago Nahuel Huapi, Argentina Lago Nahuel Huapi, Argentina

Patagonia gives you that sense of old fashioned adventure. It’s a landscape of frontier towns and wild, vast open spaces, a place where the sky feels so big and humans feel so small.

The scenery and sense of space is undoubtedly the main draw: expect a landscape of glistening lakes and huge volcanoes rearing up towards the sky.

The best way to eat up the huge expanses? Get on your bike.

Cross the Andes – twice!

Conguillio National Park Conguillio National Park

Crossing the spiny backbone of South America is no mean feat – and for many, it’s the highlight of this cycle route.

The best part of course, is that you get to do it not once, but twice. Now there’s something you can truly call a trip of a lifetime.

Five of the finest national parks

Conguillio National Park Conguillio National Park

You’ll cycle through no fewer than five national parks on this route, which even by our standards is pretty high.

These protected areas cover vast swathes of Chile and Argentina, with huge tracks of land set aside for the protection of the environment and open spaces.

You’ll even be able to say you’ve cycled through the oldest national park in Chile, and circumnavigated the third largest lake in South America, Lago Llanquihue.

Travel by bike and boat

Andean lake corssing Andean lake crossing

It’s not just about the cycling. You’ll also hop onto the ferries to continue your journey, allowing you to break up the days and have a brilliant all-round exploration of the Lake District. 

For photographic perfection, you couldn’t ask for better, and while the glistening expanses of the lakes make incredible companions on your rides, the boat trips mean you get to see the scenery from all perspectives.

Barbecues and Malbec

Cycling Andean Lake District Cycling Andean Lake District

If you haven’t heard of Asado, you’re in for a treat. Argentine barbecues are not to be underestimated.

For meat-eaters it’s a carnivorous feast of epic proportions, with every part of the animal up for grabs – waste not, want not.

Traditionally it’s a meat extravaganza, but for vegetarians, it’s impossible to go wrong with a surprisingly varied array of grilled veggie kebabs and perfectly chopped salads, salsas and sides.

Naturally, no Asado would be complete without a hearty accompaniment of fruity Malbec.

Five star reviews

Osorno volcanoScenery is a highlight. Osorno volcano

Since introducing this trip last year it’s only had 5-star reviews. “Having personally completed over eight Exodus cycling trips, this one to the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina rates as one of the best – a fabulous route through stunning scenery of snow-capped mountains, volcanoes with lava fields and vast lakes. Highly recommended.” – Yvette Pole.


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