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Sara Bull talks about her inspiration to continue travelling…

To travel the world, rucksack on back, living day-to-day, never quite able to anticipate what experiences the day will bring. To see sights that you never imagined could be so beautiful, to speak to people that you may never have met otherwise and to share these experiences with others are just some of the reasons why I’m still so passionate about what I do.

Meet the Leader: Sara BullSara Bull

Why I love my job

For me, it’s not so much about scaling Kilimanjaro, trekking across Switzerland, watching the sunrise over Annapurna or climbing the peaks of South America, although all of these are wonderful.

My job is about the journey that it takes to get to these places, it’s about spending time in the outdoors and about the people with whom I share it. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world – it’s the people that you share it with that make that experience what it is. People will often say that I inspire them, but I am inspired every day by someone.

Whether it is sharing in the experience of someone overcoming a fear or witnessing someone digging into their reserves to reach their goal; it is often the smallest things that make the biggest impact on me.

In my free time, I’ve travelled around the world and trekked in some stunning places, I’ve pushed myself to the limit, and beyond, I’ve overcome fear and injury, defying the odds and I know what it feels like to stand somewhere and almost not be able to absorb it all because of its incredible beauty.

This I see in others and there aren’t any better thanks for doing the job than that!

What You Think of Sara…

Sara our group leader really knew her stuff and was full of ideas for our next trips; she has been to most places that Exodus go!!” – Jayne Edwards

“Sara was an excellent and well-prepared guide. Always willing to listen and help and capable of bringing a diverse group together.'” – Howard Morris

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