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Born in Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb in 1973, Ana was always a keen sportswoman, playing handball, skiing, synchronised swimming and of course cycling. 

Introducing Ana

Ana has been leading groups for Exodus since 2007 and sees the role as much more than simply a job. She always has everything under control and is only happy once all of her group are satisfied with the trip.

One of her hobbies is choir singing and she often practices during the trips she leads, even singing on some steep hills when a bit of extra encouragement is needed! When she isn’t leading groups in Croatia, she works on a rescue team on Lake Jarun in Zagreb, another demanding and responsible profession.

Her other passions include photography, speaking Russian, Italian and English, and exercising her three dogs. She feels that leading cycling tours through her beautiful country must be the ultimate job. Inspiring nature, the spectacular islands, endless sun and blue sky, great food and wine plus lovely peaceful roads for cycling. Who could ask for more?

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