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The results are in! The standard was remarkably high – Paul Goldstein and fellow judge Mark Cawardine spent hours poring over the entries to our Go Wild wildlife photography competition, endlessly debating back and forth which were the very best of this year’s many entries.

Eventually, decisions were made. Here are the top 5…

Wildlife Photography Winners

Simon Van-Orden

Simon Van-Orden's Jaguar photographSimon Van-Orden’s Jaguar photograph 

Simon Van-Orden came in 5th by daring to use a slow shutter speed on a jaguar in the Pantanal.

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Anna Gandola

Anna Gandola's photograph of a King PenguinAnna Gandola’s photograph of a King Penguin

Anna Gandola surfed into 4th place with her capture of a King penguin riding the waves in South Georgia.

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Jackie Freshfield

Jackie Freshfield's photograph of a Black-browed albatrossJackie Freshfield’s photograph of a Black-browed albatross

 Jackie Freshfield swooped into 3rd with her stunning slow-pan of Black-browed albatross.

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Matt McKean

Matt McKean's full-frame bird shotMatt McKean’s full-frame bird shot

Matt McKean flew into 2nd place with his full-frame bird shot taken at avian rush hour.

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Elaine Van-Orden

Elaine Van-Orden's photograph of a JaguarElaine Van-Orden’s photograph of a Jaguar

And the winner – Elaine Van-Orden with this beautiful e-Type portrait taken in the Pantanal – Congratulations Elaine!  

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