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Exodus’ adventure experts have travelled to all seven continents, visiting over 200 countries collectively. Over the past forty years, we’ve come across plenty of weird and wonderful things, from peculiar toilets to unusual cultural traditions.

Something that always catches our attention though is an amusing sign, so here’s an amuse-bouche of the funniest signs we’ve seen around the world.

Funny Road Signs

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Himalayan sign and Valerie ParkinsonHimalayan expedition leader Valerie Parkinson is going round the bend!


sign in a Havana hotel!Team leader Ian Langford had no idea what to do with his budgie smugglers after seeing this sign in a Havana hotel!


funny sign about beatlesWhatever you do, don’t try chewing on Paul or Ringo!


funny sign at mont blancThis trekker couldn’t resist this cheeky opportunity whilst on the Mont Blanc Circuit!


Funny Signs Around the World Picking your brains!


jump off the cliff signNot something we advise in the trip notes!


yak attack signBeware the yaks in Nepal!


take a devious route signWatch out for those scheming routes in Gyangtse!


playa de poo signJust drop in!


blood bank signWho says you can’t get blood from a stone?


thick farmer of the month signLaying it on thick!


danger is my business signDon’t mess with the dragons in Komodo National Park!


BF signThis Nepalese cafe can fulfil all of your boyfriend requirements!    

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