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Driverless Overland vehicle

Exodus to Launch Driverless Overland Expeditions

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Leading adventure tour operator Exodus Travels is set to embrace new technology within the motor industry by applying the driverless concept to their overland trucks.

Autonomous Self-driving Vehicles

Following the success of Google's self-driving car, and the UK government giving the green light on driverless pods whisking passengers along the Thames Path this summer, Exodus is delighted to be working in partnership with iNoDrive to develop a range of autonomous self-driving overland vehicles.Exodus iNodrive logoDriven by demand from travellers yearning for a more immersive travel experience than most tour operators can offer, Exodus has decided to return to its overland roots whilst also embracing the innovations of modern technology.

Innovation in Travel

Exodus was founded in 1974 by two friends with an unrelenting passion for off the beaten track travel. For the company’s first trip, they led a small group on an epic overland adventure from London to Afghanistan.

From there, demand for this pioneering-style of ‘holiday’ quickly took off. Exodus Marketing Director Jae Hopkins said: "Exodus has always been innovative in our outlook - we're adventure-loving people who thrive on helping our adventure-loving customers see the world in new ways.


When iNoDrive contacted us with their proposal we could immediately see the benefits. All the excitement of a traditional overland journey, with the thrill of an uninterrupted view out of the front windscreen.

And with the driving and road conditions we see in some of the 100 countries we visit, that could be quite a thrill!" "We always try to use local guides and drivers - this new innovation allows us to employ the same number of people and immediately double the number of local fingers that can point at areas of interest out of the windows.

It also means everyone on the vehicle can toast the trip without fear of drink-driving! What's not to love?" The all-terrain 4WD trucks will be fully-loaded with infrared and ultrasonic sensors, GPS, radars and gyroscopes, so they will be able to detect objects – moving or stationary - in all directions, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

The interiors will boast spacious design, and passengers will appreciate the oversized windows and rooftop viewing pod. Although still very much in the concept stages, Exodus is keen to accelerate the development of the all-terrain driverless vehicles so they can give the green light on these ground-breaking new tours next year.

Want to be a part of history? You could journey from Cape Town to Victoria Falls, explore South America or embark on a grand tour of India - simply email today to pre-register your interest in travelling on an Exodus driverless overland tour.

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