Zingy, vibrant and spicy all at once, just like its fabulous food, Asia boasts a stunning collection of ancient civilisations, spectacular wildlife and an astounding range of cultures. You’re never far from the swirl of incense or a clash of colours that will leave your senses tingling on our Asia holidays! When we asked our team to pick their favourite memories of their Asia holidays, the answers painted a picture of a continent so diverse that no two trips could ever be the same. So, from wildlife to waterfalls, temples to beaches, here are the best bits of Asia…

1) BEST WILDLIFE – Orangutans

Dreaming of AsiaOrangutan

“My favourite Disney film is The Jungle Book, and my first sighting of an orangutan was just like King Louie! I was sitting in a small clearing – humming ‘I want to be like you’ to myself – when he appeared out of the forest.” Tom Harari – Product Manager For familiesBorneo Wildlife Adventure View all Borneo holidays

2) BEST TEMPLE – Stakna Monastery

Dreaming of AsiaStakna Monastery

“Our Indian guide took us for a traditional lunch at his family home and we listened to stories about snow leopards – also local to the area – before going to explore the monastery. Each has an appointed spiritual leader, and at this one he was just a few years old and more concerned with riding his toy bike!” Jenny Cox – Product Manager

3) BEST LANDMARK – Great Wall of China

Dreaming of Asia“Snaking away into the distance, the sheer scale is mind-blowing. Nothing can prepare you for the spectacle of seeing it for the first time. Some effort is required to walk the section from Jinshanling towards Simatai. The paths are steep and uneven in places, but the views are more than worth it.” Kay Palmer – Executive Assistant  View all China holidays

4) BEST FOR COLOUR – Sari factory in Kandy

Dreaming of AsiaSaris in Sri Lanka

“Here we learnt all about the traditional dress that has been worn in Sri Lanka for centuries, how it’s made and, more importantly, how to wear one. There were lots of opportunities to dress up – everyone had great fun!” Simon Clifford – Product Manager For families: Tropical Island Wanderer View all Sri Lanka holidays

5) BEST ON TWO WHEELS – The Golden Mile

Dreaming of AsiaFamily cycling in Sri Lanka

“This was where I was first introduced to the wonders of the ‘King Coconut’, claimed by locals to cure all. Drinking its sweet water while swaying in a hammock watching the sun set was the perfect way to rehydrate after a day of cycling and exploring endless beaches.” Megan Devenish – Product Manager View all Sri Lanka holidays

6) BEST PARK – Ranthambore National Park

Dreaming of AsiaBengal tiger in India

“Entering Ranthambore in India, adrenaline levels rose as we scoured the landscape in search of the most elusive of cats. There’s a chance of seeing them here, but it’s by no means a sure thing. As the tiger came into view, I forgot to breathe – it moved with such authority and confidence.” Katherine Tory View all Tiger Safari holidays

7) BEST WATERFALL – Erawan Falls

Dreaming of AsiaErawan Falls, Thailand

“We set off from the entry point along Thailand’s famous jungle trails, over tree roots and ducking beneath low mossy branches, climbing further uphill until we came across the bottom tier of the seven-tiered waterfall series, known as Erawan Falls. We made it as far as the fifth tier, where the cascading chalky turquoise water formed a series of standing pools perfect for swimming in, and natural rock slides to swoosh down.” Jenny Cox – Product Manager For families: South East Asia Adventure View all Thailand holidays


Dreaming of AsiaStatues in Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia

“We did as the locals do and hopped on our bicycles – navigating alongside small tractor trucks out to some of the further temples. We had them completely to ourselves as we climbed over vines and ducked through ancient alleyways long forgotten by the modern world. We felt like intrepid explorers and continued into the night by head torch!” Megan Devenish – Product Manager For families: South East Asia Adventure View all Angkor Wat holidays If our Asia experts have awakened your wanderlust, check out all of our Asia holidays for even more inspiration!