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Short on time? You don’t have to be short on ideas. Maximise your remaining days off with these incredible adventure holidays which, miraculously, you can pack into just one week.

Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, discover a totally new environment, conquer an airy mountain summit, take on a challenge or even complete an iconic trail, it’s surprising just how much you can achieve in seven days.

1. Dolimite Adventure

Learn Via Ferrata From Scratch

Via Ferrata ascentVia Ferrata ascent

Think a week isn’t enough to learn the ropes? Think again. Our one-week introduction to Via Ferrata will see you go from total beginner to scaling the limestone peaks of the Dolomites on the original Via Ferrata (or iron way) routes.

These routes were originally created during WWII and used by soldiers to gain advantageous, though often precarious, positions to defeat the enemy. Today they’re used purely for fun and the thrill of it, and if you want to push yourself on the dizzying heights of exhilarating climbs through unquestionably some of the best scenery in Europe, this is the best – dare we say, only way to do it.


2. Arctic Adventure Holidays

Become an Arctic Explorer 

Husky sledding in FinlandHusky sledding in Finland

Channel the spirit of the early Arctic explorers – but with better gear. Dogsled your own team of enthusiastic huskies across the white wilderness in the company of your guides, learning the survival skills you need to survive the elements at the extreme end of the world.

The Arctic tundra is an unforgiving place at times, but brave the sub-zero temperatures and you’ll find yourself on a journey across the wilderness that’ll change your life.

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3. Adventure Tours in Europe

The Tour du Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc ascentMont Blanc

Ok, it’s not quite the full circuit we’ll admit, and purists will prefer our full 10-day version that follows the full trail point to point. But if you’ve got a week and want all the very best bits cherry-picked from the vertiginous slopes of the beautiful Swiss, French and Italian Alps, then this is the one for you.

Enjoy the crème de la crème of the TMB, all from the comfort of your very own alpine chalet near Chamonix – complete with outdoor hot tub and afternoon tea and cakes to perk you up after each day walk.

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4. Cycling Trips in France 

Coast to Coast – across France!

Cycling The Raid Pyrenean routeCycling The Raid Pyrenean route

If you want to say bonjour to a cycling challenge that you won’t quite believe you could cram into just eight days, we’ve got the perfect thing for you. The Raid Pyrenean isn’t for the faint-hearted – you need to be fit as a fiddle to take on these mountainous passes and emulate the pros of the iconic Tour de France, but what an adventure.

You’ll ride from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean Sea, up and over the most famous cols of the Pyrenees with stunning views across into neighbouring Spain. This coast to coast ride is a challenge, no doubt, but there’s not much that will feel better than your victory dive into the Mediterranean Sea!


5. Climbing in Slovenia

Stand on top of Slovenia and earn your citizenship

The ascent of TriglavThe ascent of Triglav 

They say every true Slovenian will climb Triglav at least once in their lifetime. And what a mountain it is – a mighty, rocky peak best ascended with the aids of ropes along what we reckon could be the most spectacular ridgeline in the world.

Enjoy views over into neighbouring Austria, Italy and even as far as the Croatian coast. Best of all, this challenging hike in Slovenia is easily achievable in a week – you’ll even have some time left over to enjoy the plethora of stunning alpine lakes nearby.


6. Norway Skiing Adventure

Become a Cross-Country Skiing aficionado

Cross-country skiing in KvitavatnCross-country skiing in Kvitavatn 

Never skied in your life? No worries, this Norwegian adventure is designed to take you from beginner to evangelist in just 8 days. Expert tuition will be on hand to help you get the basics, and the wealth and variety of trails in Kvitavatn means that no matter what speed you pick up tour new skills there will be endless opportunities for exploration. By the end of the week you’ll be unstoppable!

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7. Hiking in Europe

Conquer Mont Blanc

Reaching the summit of Mont BlancReaching the summit of Mont Blanc

A mythic mountain like Mont Blanc is too mighty a beast to tackle in just a week, right…? Wrong! This iconic summit has foxed hundreds of explorers and mountaineers, but attempting to stand on its apex is more manageable nowadays, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and refuges to lend a hand.

You’ll still need the stamina and the grit – and a little dose of luck from the weather gods – to make it to the top though. An irrefutable achievement for those who dare.

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8. Baltic Cycling Adventures

Cycle Three Countries – in 11 days

House of the Black HeadsHouse of the Black Heads

Okay, we’re sneaking this in under the radar because it is slightly more than a week. But still, the chance to cycle through three incredible countries in just 11 days is still amazing – and this is no arduous slog, either.

This cycling tour is gently paced thanks to the Baltics’ good roads and relatively flatness, so you can enjoy relaxed rides through bucolic countryside and historic landmarks. The joy of cycling is that you see the changes as you pass from Estonia into Latvia and on to Lithuania, learning the idiosyncrasies and traditions of each nation.

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