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It’s tempting to think of a family holiday as just a way to relax, unwind and create some treasured memories together. But truthfully there’s much more to it than that!

Travel abroad can be a vital and formative learning experience for kids. Here are five ways that family travel can be educational!

Family Travel 

Learn new languages

Kids exploring Angkor Wat, CambodiaKids exploring Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Okay, so they’re not going to be fluent after a couple of weeks. But there’s no better jumping-off-point, nor any better place to practice and improve language skills, than right there in the thick of it!

Your kids will be sure to pick up at least a few phrases, and hopefully, start an interest in learning other languages.

Discover other cultures

cultural family holidayCultural family holiday

It’s so important for young people to have a wealth of experiences when growing up – it allows them to develop an open mind, a sense of perspective and empathy, and inquisitiveness.

Getting up close with other cultures is more than just a fun and informative experience, it’s a life-changing discovery. With our expert local leaders on hand to provide every detail, the kids will be getting a true, authentic taste of the place!

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Learn about history

matmataMatmata in Tunisia

History can seem so boring from the confines of a stuffy classroom, or across the mental distance of a dry textbook. If you want to make the story of our world sing, you have to live it.

When you’re there in person, looking at the ancient stones of a castle or the stunning façade of a royal palace, historical events take on a flavour and dimension that simply doesn’t exist elsewhere. It becomes exciting and real, and it will stay much longer in the memory! You’ll be able to rely on our leaders giving you all the details.

Get in touch with nature 

elephant safariWatching elephants on a family safari

Geography, biology, physical education, art; all of these things have a strong connection to nature and the great outdoors.

Whether it’s learning about the formation of landscapes over millions of years, the evolutionary advantages that have allowed certain animals to thrive, or inspiration for a painting or a poem, the natural world has so much to offer.

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Discover a passion for the world

family fun un the snowFamily fun in the snow!

The true value of travel is that it sparks an interest in the world beyond your immediate surroundings. Curiosity, excitement, wonder, joy and enthusiasm for learning and discovery… these are the things travel can provide.

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