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Kayaking Sicily

5 Reasons to Take a Half Term Family Holiday

Half term holidays are becoming more popular than ever. And why not – half term family holidays are be the perfect excuse to fit in a swift but nonetheless riveting adventure. But if you need some convincing for why half term should be extraordinary, here are our top 5 reasons you should choose to travel during half term.

1. Keep their brains active

Family Painting on the Amalfi Coast

A week out of the classroom doesn’t have to mean a week of boredom. Travel broadens the mind, and travelling whilst they’re young sets all their senses going just the same as it does for adults. Being abroad gives kids the chance to test their limits and push against the edge of their comfort zones with exciting new foods, new sights and sounds to try. And for the older children, it’s a chance to try engaging with topics outside of the classroom: swap geography text book diagrams for seeing the real thing on Sicily’s active volcanoes, or trade the history books for exploring the ruins of Pompeii in person.

2. Get them moving

Stop the sedimentary tendencies in their tracks with an action-packed adventure in the great outdoors. You’ll find they miss all their gadgets and games and electronics much less when offered the chance to visit stunning national parks, hike in the misty mountains of Europe’s most scenic places or cycle along sweeping coastal routes. The temptation to sit at home with their screens will evaporate. There’s always downtime on Exodus family trips so everyone can unwind, but it’s fair to say they’ll be tired out enough to sleep well after a day on the move.

3. Make the most of a week off

Zip lining Costa Rica

It’s all too easy to assume the summer is the time for families to get away, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Creating deliberate time to spend with your family is the surest way to guarantee it, and half term is a whole week to spend together – and you may be surprised at what you can achieve within a week. Try something new, master a new skill, learn about a new culture: these are all goals you can conquer in the space of a half term break. We don’t cram all of our adventures into the summer holiday season. We’ve carefully crafted itineraries to destinations all around the world, all year round, to make our wonderful world just a little more accessible for everyone.

4. Travel Outside of Summer Peak Season

Sea Kayaking off Rhodes

Swapping the capricious UK weather forecast for more reliable destinations means you can make more of your time out. Not only that, but it’s often a quieter time to travel too, so you’ll find shorter queues waiting for you when you get there, meaning more time to spend as a family. It’s also good news for working parents, who find it difficult to juggle summer or Christmas annual leave requests with the rest of their team.

5. A holiday for you too

Tips for Travelling with Children

Our carefully created itineraries are designed by our team, many of whom travel with their own families and know just which included activities are going to please everyone. It means you can relax and enjoy your holiday too, without worrying about logistics and tickets and timings – you can focus on the best bit of being a parent, which is enjoying time with your kids as they discover the world around them. We’ve worked hard to create new itineraries that allow you and your family to go on half term holidays with much less hassle, without having to have half a mind on what happens next all the time, but being able to be present in the moment with your loved ones.

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