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So, the million-dollar question: what’s hot for the coming year? We’ve whittled down a list to give you the inside track on the best adventure holidays in the world.

From newest adventures to important world events you don’t want to miss, here are our top 16 adventures.

Top Adventure Trips

Finnish Wilderness Week

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of our partnership with Basecamp Oulanka, the ecolodge we call home in Finland. Join the excitement with an ice climbing session. 

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Journey to Persia

Nasir ol Molk MosqueNasir ol Molk Mosque

Be one of the first to revisit Iran now the FCO advice has changed. Glittering gold mosques decorated with intricate geometric designs – this is Islamic art and architecture at its finest.

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Vietnam Food Adventure

Goi Cuon, VietnamGoi Cuon, Vietnam

We’ve all got a taste for culinary adventure at Exodus HQ. Sizzle and drizzle, slice and dice, crunch and munch your way around Vietnam on our new foodie adventure, one of our culinary travel feasts.

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Philippines Adventure 

Walking in the PhillippinesWalking in the Philippines

From exquisite white sand beaches to an eight kilometre subterranean river, with tropical forests, volcanic craters and emerald rice terraces in between, the scenery is never short of exceptional.


Pyrenees Activity Week

Kids cycling in the PyreneesKids cycling in the Pyrenees

Brand new, we’ve found the very best of the Pyreneesfor families craving an outdoors romp: canyoning, 4WD excursions, walking and cycling, surrounded by granite peaks and alpine lakes.


Walking the Prosecco Hills

Despite earning fame for their sparkling wines, these hills should be just as known for their scenic walking and picturesque towns. Yet they remain a hidden gem. Go now, before everyone else does.

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Three Peaks of Ladakh

Good things come in threes, and that’s certainly true of this trek. Hike three majestic summits, with incredible views over the Indian Himalaya. Make 2016 the year you take on your first 6,000m peak.

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Cycling the Lake District of Chile & Argentina 

Break the cycle of Christmas excesses on your bike. Get away from it all, halfway towards the ends of the Earth. The scenery is off the scale, indomitable Andean peaks and glistening lakes.

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Marine Wildlife of the Maldives 

You’ll want to be on board for this one. Sail the rich waters of the Maldives and don snorkels to swim with Whale and Reef sharks, graceful Manta and Stingrays, and a kaleidoscopic array of fish.

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Arctic Lights

The Aurora Borealis has been all over the news in recent years and rightly so. If you’ve been green with envy at every new time lapse, then it’s time to head for Norway and see for yourself.

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Self-Guided Trails of La Palma

With direct chartered flights to La Palma arriving fresh off the runway ready for 2016, the timing has never been better to discover this volcanic isle at your own pace, the quietest of the Canaries by far.

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Cycle Romania 

It’s Lonely Planet’s Best Travel Region for 2016 – and we agree. Ancient monasteries, shepherds tending their flock and you, sedately, unobtrusively, cycling through the heart of it all.

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Highlights of the Basque Country

The European Capital of Culture 2016 is chic San Sebastian in the Bay of Biscay. Bask in the glory of the Basque Country with dramatic coastal walks and fine dining on the French-Spanish border.

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Land of the Jaguar

2016 may be the year of the Brazil Olympics but if you want to embrace the destination beyond the games, head deep into the Pantanal where otters frolic in the rivers and Jaguars roam the jungle.

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Last but never, ever, least…

Everest Base Camp

Rub shoulders with the highest point on earth, Mount Everest. Base Camp is an iconic, before-you-die trek, and there’s no better time to pay homage to this hiking giant and inject some much-needed employment to the Nepalese tourism than 2016. We predict quiet trails and a warm welcome.

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