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11 facts you probably didn’t know about Turkey

You’d be forgiven for thinking that tulips come from the Netherlands and the capital of Turkey is Istanbul. As it turns out, though, you’d be wrong…

1 – Turkey isn’t actually called Turkey. It’s officially the Republic of Turkey.

2 – Ankara is the capital of Turkey, not Istanbul.

3 – Istanbul is the only city in the world to span two continents – Europe and Asia.



4 – Only 3% of Turkey is in Europe.

5 – Most Turks drink 10 or more cups of tea a day.

6 – Istanbul’s underground railway has been operating since 1825, making it the second oldest in the world.

7 – Turkey produces and exports 75% of the world’s hazelnuts.

8 – The Fez hat was banned in Turkey in 1925.

9 – Tulips actually come from Turkey, not the Netherlands, and Istanbul hosts a tulip festival in their honour every April.

10 – St. Nicholas was born in the area known as Patara, now part of modern day Turkey.

11 - In south-eastern Turkey, there is a city called Batman!