You’d be forgiven for thinking that tulips come from the Netherlands and the capital of Turkey is Istanbul. As it turns out, though, you’d be wrong…

1 – Turkey isn’t actually called Turkey. It’s officially the Republic of Turkey.

2 – Ankara is the capital of Turkey, not Istanbul.

3 – Istanbul is the only city in the world to span two continents – Europe and Asia.



4 – Only 3% of Turkey is in Europe.

5 – Most Turks drink 10 or more cups of tea a day.

11 facts you probably didn’t know about Turkey

6 – Istanbul’s underground railway has been operating since 1825, making it the second oldest in the world.

7 – Turkey produces and exports 75% of the world’s hazelnuts.

8 – The Fez hat was banned in Turkey in 1925.

9 – Tulips actually come from Turkey, not the Netherlands, and Istanbul hosts a tulip festival in their honour every April.

10 – St. Nicholas was born in the area known as Patara, now part of modern day Turkey.

11 facts you probably didn’t know about Turkey

11 – In south-eastern Turkey, there is a city called Batman!