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Northern Lights

10 Truly Unforgettable Winter Adventure Experiences

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When we say “winter”, what do you think of? Long, cold months? 4pm sunsets? Dreary skies and waiting for the central heating to kick in? Well, not us. At Exodus, winter means endless snowy landscapes and the spirit of adventure travel.

It means hurtling down a bobsled track and relaxing in hot springs, driving a snowmobile and watching the Northern Lights. It means adventure. These are our top 10 truly unforgettable winter moments...

Go adventuring with dogsleds

Dogsledding through snow

Dash breathlessly through the snow, pulled by a tirelessly energetic team of huskies. Dogsledding is a high-speed thrill, and the chance to bond with your team of gorgeous animals makes it all the more rewarding. Take a look at our Dogsledding Holidays and book your next winter adventure.

Build your own igloo

Igloo building in Finland

Do you want a real sense of accomplishment? Nothing beats spending the night in an igloo that you built with your own two hands. Surprisingly warm on the inside, they make for a comfortable evening, too!

See what other exciting adventures you can get up to on our Finnish Wilderness Week in this magical winter wonderland. 

Hot spring dips while the snow falls

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Let the delightfully warm water bubbling up from the earth embrace you. There’s no feeling so relaxing as watching flakes of snow gently fall before melting as they meet the rising steam, all while soaking in a natural hot spring. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is one of the more famous natural springs which you can experience on many of our Iceland tours. Find out more about our adventure holidays to Iceland.

Learn to cross-country ski on a frozen lake

Cross-country skiing across a frozen lake

Cross-country skiing takes a little mastering, but once you “get the glide”, there’s nothing like it. It’s freedom, peaceful and thrilling simultaneously as you drift over the vast white canvas that is a frozen lake. Explore our Cross-Country Skiing Holidays and embark on your next winter activity holiday.

Discover the freedom of snowshoes

Snowshoeing in the mountains

We sometimes take trekking for granted, but as a rule, the more naturally beautiful the place, the less accessible. Such is the case with snow-covered landscapes. Snowshoes open these landscapes up to exploration so you can go further than you’ve ever gone before. Push your boundaries and explore even further with our Snowshoeing & Winter Walking Holidays.

Sleep in a hotel made of ice

Sweden's Icehotel

Every year, master craftspeople and designers labour for weeks to construct a shockingly beautiful yet ultimately fleeting building: the Icehotel. Every year it’s built differently, and every year it melts eventually.

Feel the Force on 3G bobsled

Bobsledding at Lillehammer

When you think of a bobsled, you might imagine a playful, gentle slide down a hill. The truth is that bobsleds hurtle down the track at astonishing speeds, generating 3G of force. It’s an adrenaline rush like no other. Visit Norway in winter and enjoy a range of thrilling activities.

Drive a snowmobile across the wilderness

Snowmobiling through the snow

Experience the power of a modern machine contrasted with the wonder of a natural landscape. Snowmobiling is an exciting activity, and the sense of power and freedom you’ll feel will stay with you. Our mixed winter activity holidays take you on adrenalin-fuelled adventures in snow-covered destinations.

Conquer a ski marathon

Ski Marathon

Put your endurance to the test! Once you’re confident enough with cross-country skiing to tackle one of these epic challenges, you can experience the thrilling contest as few others ever get to. Combine a ski marathon with one of our winter activity holidays.

Watch the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

Nature’s most mysterious, magical sight, the Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon of unrivalled beauty and wonder. Whether you want to carefully set up the perfect shot or just happily soak up the show, this is truly a perfect wintery moment. Book one of our Northern Lights Holidays to be given the best opportunity to experience their ethereal beauty.

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