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would like to meet fellow travellers

Sun, 11/29/2009 - 18:11

Hi, would like to hear from anyone else who is booked on this adventure!!

Sun, 12/06/2009 - 00:42

well there is me and you bird

Mon, 12/07/2009 - 08:49

Another 10 people out there somewhere girl!

Sun, 12/20/2009 - 22:10

Hi Guys 

Looks like its the same trip, but my date is Sat-13-Feb-2010, are you land only/own flight ? 

I shall be on the group flight. should be a great trip but not so sure about the final ascent day .


Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive.

Mon, 12/21/2009 - 17:49

Hi, we're also going Sat 13th but when I typed in the code it came up with the 14th??

We're (myself and my friend Rosie) doing the whole group thing too :) I spoke to exodus and they said the trip is fully booked 12 in total...soo excited!

Are you organised? have you done anything like this before? It's a first time for both myself and Rosie.


Thu, 12/24/2009 - 17:45

Oh my goodness Dave, have just checked out your website, what a busy bee you've been over the last couple of years!! ...fabulous photographs :)

Have read numerous kit lists etc still undecided as to what to you have any tips you would like to share??



Thu, 12/24/2009 - 22:00

Hi Jan

I have not given much thought about what to take, I have a list that covers just about every thing for any trip, so its a case of crossing off anything not needed and packing the rest.  

looking at the trip notes, there are a few things that spring to mind regarding this trip

a )  Cold weather clothing, going faster to keep warm is not an option, so beg borrow or buy some good cold weather gear, I shall take a fleece plus my ski jacket, salutettes, thermals, etc, the full works.

b)  2 bags or rucksacks, as posibly the bulk of the luggage is being left behind for the safari part, a smaller bag/pack for the safari would be useful.  I use a large rucksack, and a 30 or 40 Ltr pack as hand luggage this is also used as a day pack for the rest of the trip.

c )  There would seem to be little opertunity to wash any dirty clothes before reaching Zanzibar, by which time its getting a bit late, probably better to take a large dirty clothes bag, and enough clothing to see the trip out.

d )  On the subject of clothing, mossies may be a problem, they say they bite at dawn and dusk, rubbish some places they bite 24/7 and through thin clothing, so long sleeves and trousers should help, especialy evenings.. 

e )  I am not sure if the luggage is likely to get rained on ( it happens on airport trollies sometimes ) I always take the precaution of packing everything in dry bags just in case.

Well thats a lot for now, hope it answers more questions than it raises.

Dave  P.. 



Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive.

Tue, 12/29/2009 - 14:29

Hi Dave.

Thanks for the tips :)   A couple more questions... are you taking anything with you in the way of energy snacks and are you getting your visa before you go? My friend Rosie already has hers but I have heard it's very easy to obtain and much cheaper when you get there!


Tue, 12/29/2009 - 22:55

Hi  Jan, 

I shall get my visa upon arrival, just need to check what currency is needed for it, ( some places req US$ )

Energy snacks, I have not had time to think of that one yet, needs some careful thought, something that does not melt in the heat, or go rock hard in the cold. but it may be advisable to take something, so I will think about that one.

I am off to Algeria 03-Jan to 17-Jan after which I can turn my attention to the kilimanjaro trip, and will post any thoughts on snacks then.

Oh and never ever go without toilet rolls. 


Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive.

Sat, 01/02/2010 - 00:40

Hi Dave,

Happy New Year!

Apparently the visa is $50 (us), think I will wait and get mine at the airport too!

Hope you have a fabulous trip and will catch up with you on your return...will probably have thought of a few more questions by then!



Sat, 01/09/2010 - 13:19


I am also going on this trip with a friend from University.  

Getting quite excited now!  I think I will get my Visa at the airport too. 

I have been busy looking at kit lists, feel like I am going round in circles!  Would appreciate any tips...


Tue, 01/12/2010 - 11:53

Hi Pete,

feel better knowing i wont be the only one getting my visa at the airport!

i am hiring the duvet jacket, sleeping bag (incl liner), mattress and walking poles from exodus...very reasonable i thought £85 in total...and these wont be included in my baggage allowance...even better! have spoken to a few people regarding the trip and apparantly we mustn't under estimate the cold...i am taking my ski pants just in case!

have you had all your injections? have you done much training?

can't believe it's less than 5 wks no where near organised! are you and your friend??


Mon, 01/18/2010 - 22:37

Hi Dave,

welcome back, how was algeria?

which malaria tablets are you taking? priced up Malarone today...£78 for 24 tablets! thought that was pretty steep??


Mon, 01/18/2010 - 23:02

Hi Jan

Yes they do want an arm and a few legs for Malarone, but it seems to be usable in most places, and with less risk of side effects than some others. I have used it whenever required and have had no side effects whatsoever.

 The Algerian trek went well, about 180 Km +  much of it very rocky,  very warm during the day, very cold at night,

and sleeping under the stars, I hope to have a few pics on my web site within a few days. 

Dave P.. 



Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive.

Wed, 01/20/2010 - 22:21

Hi Pete

I am not sure if a trip to Snowdon is the best plan,  personaly I think the time traveling would be better spent legging it around somewhere local, the highest hill near me is about 100 mtrs so walking is almost all flat, I just walk for as long as possible, its always worked for mountainous trips before, I just hope it does for this one.

Only just caught up with the Haiti disaster,  Some while back I beveloped COS  Charity Overload Syndrome, maybe its time for a rethink.

Dave P.. 



Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive.

Sun, 01/24/2010 - 13:28

HI guys

 I have posted some advice for people doing Kili on the forum with 23 Feb departure date which you will prob find useful as background info.

Have a great trip


Tue, 01/26/2010 - 08:28

Does anyone have any advice on travel insurance?  I called up my annual travel insurance company and they said that I was not covered.  The Exodus policy looks really expensive!  Would appreciate any tips...

Very excited now!!! 

Tue, 01/26/2010 - 16:18

Hi Michelle, thanks for your useful information and good wishes, I'm sure we're all going to have a wonderful time :)

Hi Dave, your pics were great...have high expectations of your Kilimanjaro pics too! ;)

Hi Pete, myself and Rosie have taken out the exodus insurance which was £85...worth it to be well covered I think! Am also doing a bit for charity collecting for Breast Cancer Awareness and the MGP Helicopter Fund. Can't believe just over 2 wks to go...are you all sorted with kit etc? I'm reasonably organised just got to sort out all the medical supplies and the arm and a leg malarone!!! :)

Fri, 01/29/2010 - 08:58

Hi all,

My friend Shaz and I are also joining this trip, we are from Australia, but believe we fly in on the same group flight (kenya to killi?).  Just wanted to say Hi.



Sat, 01/30/2010 - 01:05

Just a couple of questions, how many people are taking walking poles?  We have never used them before and are trying to decided whether to buy them especially for the trek.  Also, do you think the porters are ok to take a professional backpack, it weighs 2.5kg, which we will factor into the weigh allowance, but being from Australia, we didnt get the free duffel bag.  If anyone does have that free bag, what are the dimensions/weight etc. And are you using it as the bag to take on the trek?

Hi Dave, yes, we are very excited, its our first big trek!

We have just arranged all the gear/clothes etc onto the lounge floor and are currently trying to decide what can fit into 20kg......It looks like so much stuff!

Sat, 01/30/2010 - 17:33

Hi Denyell.

I am not on your trip but am leaving to do Kilimanjaro on 22nd feb. I have just received my free kit bag from exodus. It is bigger than I thought. The dimmensions are in cm's.  33w x 33h x 69l. Which is pretty good. The porters are allowed to carry up to a max of 15kg. You carry your rucksack and they carry your kit bag. I am taking a large 120l kit bag to get all my gear out there, and then transfer the gear into my rucksack and the exodus bag for the trek. And leave the 120l at the hotel.

Yes take 2 poles, they will be a great help. They do really help on long treks.

have a good trip

Sat, 01/30/2010 - 22:11

Hi Dani

Regarding Poles, I have never used them, and wont be using them on this trip.  Some people swear by them, I think that most of the time they are something else to carry. Its a difficult decision if you have not done a lot of trekking, but one that only you can make.

I have the Exodus kit bag ( many in fact )  but do not use them, I prefer using a large backpack and day pack, I shall take a large dry bag to leave all the cold weather clothes etc in at the start.

A problem seems to be all the luggage comes together after the safari, just when the 15kg limit will apply, maybe  its possible  to leave some at Marangu,  I shall seek clarification on this  as it would help  shed some weight  on the trek.

Dave P.. 


Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive.

Sun, 01/31/2010 - 02:00

Dave,  I read in the trip notes, under the 'What to Take' section, it says that "While climbing Kilimanjaro you can leave clean clothes and other items at the hotel in Marangu". 

 However, after the trek I guess that is where we need to be careful about how much stuff we take, as the plane to Zanzibar has a small load limit on the luggage.  At least if we don't take poles - we wont be the only ones, poles would only inhibit me, if I am crawling on hands and knees!  :-)

Sun, 01/31/2010 - 02:03

Thank you craig, I think we will go with a day pack/hydration inclusive and a large backpack (that the porters will end up with).  And then probably a bag that will contain only clothes that will be left at the hotel.

Mon, 02/01/2010 - 17:30

Hi Dani,

Ah yes it does say about leaving the luggage, anyway I received clarification,

the following is cut from an Exodus Email

" You can definitely leave at the hotel anything you won't need for the
You will be provided with a scale the evening before the climb starts,
so that you will be able to make sure that your luggage won't exceed the
15kg allowance and you can leave the rest of you luggage at the hotel  "

Its the Serengeti to Arusha flight that has a 15kg limit ( not sure about hand luggage)

so it should not be a problem as only the safari luggage needs to be carried.  The Zanzibar flight has a 20 kg limit according to my flight ticket.

So I guess you are taking knee pads as well !!

Dave P.. 



Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive.

Tue, 02/02/2010 - 05:58

Hi All, 

 does anyone know if eating utensils will be provided, don't recall reading anything anywhere!

OMG can't believe there's literally only days left until departure...feeling very excited and a little nervous I have to everyone more or less sorted???


Tue, 02/02/2010 - 11:25

Jan, your right, I have not heard anything about that.  I guess I just thought that they would provide those types of things.  I did a 'pretend pack', and I am struggling to fit any clothes in my pack, let alone eating utensils and the other things I have not thought.  We are taking our own sleeping bags, mats etc. so it doesnt leave room for much else.  Is anyone else taking their own trekking gear?

Tue, 02/02/2010 - 13:17

Hi All

I dont think you need worry about eating utensils, I have only ever been on one trek where they were not supplied and that was not an Exodus trip. ( although I carry them anyway ).

I am taking my own sleeping bag & mat, but putting off thinking about packing, I am sure I will need a bus to run over it to squash it all in !

Dave P.. 


Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive.

Sun, 02/07/2010 - 02:46

Hi all,

 Despite turning the place upside down, I can not for the life of me find out charger converters for different counteries.  I saw in a shop a converter which does Brittan several other countries and also says 'Africa' on the pack.  A different converter says 'south africa' only.  Since I believe the majority from our group are from the UK, do you guys think your plugs will work in Tanzania?  Being from Australia, we will need some sort of converter to charge our phones/camera, but I am not sure whether to trust the pack that says 'Africa' but on the back does not guarantee that it will work in every country.


Tue, 02/09/2010 - 02:42

Hi All,

not long now, is everyone organised and raring to go??? :)


Tue, 02/09/2010 - 21:42

Hi Jan,

We are so excited and think we are ready, and whatever we have forgotten, too bad!

Dave, thanks so much, I think we have the right one, should only need to charge things once or twice during the trip anyway.


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