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A week in Jordan - 6 Feb departure

Hi there,

I'm looking to catch up with my fellow travellers.  I am travelling on my own so it would be great to have a chat and swap packing tips!  I've done a few trips with Exodus but this is my first trip to Jordan.  I'm looking forward to the sunshine and getting out of frozen Britain for a few days!



I'm also on this trip and travelling on my own.






I'm also travelling on my own. First time in Jordan, first time with Exodus, first time on my own. Looking forward to it. Any tips?

Lee x 


Hello everyone!

I'm on this trip too, travelling on my own. Its my first time with exodus and my first time time in Jordan and i cant wait :) Packing tips? I'm having sleeping bag worries, dont want to get get cold

Are you all flying from Heathrow?





Wow - it's a relief to hear from so many single travellers!  I worry I'll end up being a gooseberry if everyone is travelling together.  I hope it isn't going to be too cold, but I'm sure I will overpack.  I'm also flying from Heathrow - anyone in/near the Chilterns to taxi share?  Does anyone know how many are in the group all together?


I'm going from Heathrow. Might be nice if we could all find each other for a coffee, there might be a lot of waiting around.




Hello everyone

I'm on this trip and also travelling by myself.  Taking a sleeping bag, its season 2 rather than the 3/4 recommended for the time of year, so I'll be packing some layers too just in case its really cold in the desert ...

I'm flying from Manchester the day before the trip starts, so I'll see you at the hotel!



Meeting up sounds good.  I'm a bit of a starbucks fiend myself.  It will probably be around 2 pm once we get through security, so maybe a light lunch or snack would be good.  I can't remember if I have travelled from terminal 3 - it is not sticking out in my mind for any reason.  BTW if anyone collects BA points, Royal Jordanian is a partner airline (I know, sad muppet!). 

Just notice the post from someone who is going to use a 2 season sleeping bag in the desert.  You will be cold.  I was nice and warm in a 4 season bag (in November) and my other half was too cold in a 3 season one.  There are blankets available at the camp though, which it is worth putting next to you before you settle down - it is a bit of a pain to get up when you are already cold. 


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