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Vietnam or Sri Lanka?

Thu, 12/03/2009 - 21:03


I am a bit undecided between the two holidays Vietnam Adventure and Discover Sri Lanka.

Would  like some feedback from fellow travellers that have been on both. Was planning to travel end of June beginning of July.

Thank you 

Thu, 12/31/2009 - 10:53

i went touring around sri lanka with my wife and daughter amazing place

the people are very friendly went on a safari in the jungle elephant riding 

went up to the mountains a place called hunas falls there is a hotel above the clouds

climate very much like england up there in contrast to sea level

temple of the tooth is a must see in candy

in june it is the rainy season we went in december less rain hope this helped

Sun, 01/03/2010 - 11:31

Been to both, loved both, if pushed I'd probably go to Sri Lanka (marginal though!) but then you'd just have to do Vietnam trip next year! Enjoy.

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