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Can anyone advise on the whether it is a problem taking a wheelie suitcase? I have a rucksack or a suitcase that I can use. With all the touring about a rucksack seems more practical but I have more space in the suitcase. Any advice would be great.

 Also, with all the moving around, are there opportunities on the trip to get clothes laundered?



Don't have any definite information but when we went to Morocco last year, there was a mixture of wheelies and backpacks and there didn't seem to be any problem.

As for washing, we usually seem to get away with rinsing out small things every now and then annd using the air-con yo dry them overnight. The Exodus info seem to suggest that there will be some hotels with air-con.

See you soon!



All of the bigger hotels offer laundry services, I would suggest getting them laundered in Hoi An, Nha Trang or Saigon as otherwise the turnaround time is to short. There are places near the hotel in Hoi An that will offer this service cheaper than the hotel, ask your tour leader and they will point you in the right direction in these places.

Nick - Trip Manager

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