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Anyone else going?


Hi Rachel,

 At the moment it just seems to be you and me, which would be a bit quiet! Really looking forward to this. Have you been to Vietnam before or are you, like me, going for the first time? Where are you flying from? I'm going from London.

By the way I am Little, are you Russian? 


Hi Jill,


No I'm not really Russian. Just pretend Russian. I studied Russian at univerversit and acquired the nickname there. Are you really Little?

Yes, it's my first time in Vietnam. I'm flying from Gatwick and have booked my own flights but am on the same flight as the Exodus group flight. It worked out cheaper that way!
Are you ready to go? My visa arrived last week and I need to collect my anti malerials soon. I have the prescription. Just haven't got round to getting them yet. 

Getting excited!

See you soon. Hopefully there's won't just be the 2 of us. No offence meant by that of course!











Hiya Rusky,

I'm not saying I'm little but my brother usually calls me Titch.

Sent off for my visa on Monday, so fingers crossed that all works OK. Collected my Malaria tabs last night.

Can't wait!

See you at Gatwick,


What currency are you taking Jill?



I had a chat witha pal of mine who went to Vietnam Christmas last year and he said that in the big towns the ATMs were fine to use (English) and gave similar exchange rates to getting it over here. I am going to take some vietnamese currency and just the few dollars as usually these can be changed. Obviously it will be a case of planning when to get money as if we are out of the commercial areas nothing is quite so easy. Here's to being a multi -millionnaire - have you seen the exchange rate?!

 See you soon.




I went to get some dong but the travel shop has closed down. I think I'll order some. Or just take dollars.

 Exodus said pounds and ATM machines are also viable options but I guess I should at least get some dollars. But the dollar exchange rate is probably rubbish nowadays. Will figure soemthing out. Am starting to annoy colleauges now!






I went to get Dong at weekend, to be told by travel agent that you couldn't get it outside Vietnam. Oh well it'll be English, the few dollars I have and pray the the ATM works.

Don't worry about annoying pals at work, I always do for at least 2 weeks prior to holidays as I get very excited! I'm down to counting days now, not weeks.

There's an ATM machine opposite the first hotel. So I'm just going to take a few dollars I think. Shall we try to meet in Gatwick. It might make the flight a bit easier to know someone on it. I'll be wearing a white carnation... or maybe just some jeans. Well, not just jeans. Then I'd get arrested. Or just some strange looks.



Meeting up sounds like a good idea. I am short with short dark hair, my main bag will be a big blue Jagged Globe Holdall and if my rucksack fits the hand luggage dimensions, about which I haven't had any details yet, it is bright orange.


Bright orange rucksack  should be a good clue. I'm early 30s short ish. medium length brown hair with a black/blue quechua rucksack and probably navy suitcase with pink wheels. I'll put the exodus tag on my hand luggage.



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