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Hi anyone going on 8th Feb? Getting very excited!



Yes, I'm going too with my other half Phil - Really looking forward to it!!

I've been buying mosi spray and adapter plugs today, so really getting in the mood ;)


Have you been on anything like this before?


Hi me too, been to southern India with Exodus before, which was amazing - guide was brilliant and a lovely group of people. Been other places with other companies but always wanted to go to Indochina - how about you?


Hi I've not been on this type of trip before. The only group thing I've done was when the kids were little and we went on a family activity holiday to Austria which was great.

My dream holiday would be India but my Phil really doesn't fancy it. I plan to go for a few weeks in afew years when I retire.

I've heard some great stories from other people about Indochina and Phil fancies the war side of things which is why we chose it. 

We've added a couple of extra nights on at the end, so I've booked 3 weeks off work which is an added bonus :)



Lucky you! Look forward to meeting you both. Where are you coming from? I live in hitchin and flying from heathrow



I'm joining the trip in Saigon, so will see you all in our hotel when you get there- looking forward to that! I'm in Vietnam for the week before, going to the beach in Mui Ne just after Tet then a couple of days in Hoi An. Really excited, never been to this part of the world before!


Hi Laura - It will be nice to meet you too

We're flying from Heathrow so will be on the sane flight Barb (Barbs?), we're staying at a hotel near the airport the night before as we're travelling from Lancashire.



Lucky you Laura. Have an amazing time before we meet you. Have you arranged your trip independently? Have you been there before?

Lorraine - yes we will be on the same flight - will keep an eye out for you - Exodus luggage labels are usuallly are a give away! Have you manged to prebook seats? I was told you have to phone malaysia to do so (many times) but would love to be on the upper deck


Yes I have booked seats for extra legroom, which I did through Exodus a few weeks (there was a small charge) but we're both fairly tall so thought it was worth it. If you get on the top deck, it will give me an excuse to go for a walk to stretch my legs. I've never been upstairs before on a plane, I'm always a bit frightened I might venture into 1st class, and won't want to leave ha ha ... ;)



Yes, on my own for the first week; fancied a few days on the beach and seeing a bit more of the county when over there - yes, I do feel lucky!

I've done one trip with Exodus before (Sahara Desert Trek) and it was fantastic. Most of us met at a bar in the Terminal after security - was a good way to say hello before the flight, I'd recommend it (although obviously I'd then be the interloping newbie by Sunday!).

I'm flying Vietnam Airlines - sounds like you've got something rather more luxurious...


Never been on an air bus before! I was told we couldnt' book seats in advance, so I will try again - would love to be upstairs - I am such a big kid! I agree, it is a bit of a worldwind tour so it's great you can see a bit more first. Sounds like you will you be travelling on your own, do you feel comfortable with that?

Meeting in the bar before sounds good to me if anyone else would like to?


2 flights there and two flights back Thanks Lorraine! and Lorraine - apparently we all sit upstairs as business class is downstairs

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