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Simien Mountains 6 people?

Wed, 11/11/2009 - 14:28

Hi everyone , only days to go now and no news from anyone on the trek. So far from earlier postings that makes 6 of us but may be others just haven't found this forum. We decided not to take the malaria prophylaxis after taking advice from 2 different travel clinics and haven't pre done our visas either - hope we don't hold you up at Addis Ababa! Not done as many long walks as I'd have liked but thats always the case, work just gets in the way. We are driving down to Heathrow from Warrington on Sunday and hoping the motorways are clear. Looking forward to meeting you all. Ann and Jim

Sat, 11/14/2009 - 10:36

Hi again, Just 24 hrs to go before we set off. We are travelling from Edinburgh so will have several hours to get lost between terminals at Heathrow! Glad we're not flying today with the gales etc that are forecast. I suspect by the time everyone has dealt with visas and changed money we'll all need plenty of time at Addis Ababa airport. See you all tomorrow.Andy & Sally

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