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Hi Mike,

I'm going too, but leaving from different location, so we will meet in Tunis :)

Hi Lanya. So looking forward to this Trip, See you there Mike.


Hi Mike and Lanya.  I have just booked - spur of the moment decision that I need a holiday.  I have always wanted to trek in the desert so this is it - the trip sounds wonderful.  I now need to think about what equipment I need - I feel an expensive weekend coming up!  I have only done one Exodus trip before and it was so long ago I can't even remember where I went.  Looking forward to meeting you both.  I think the trip is nearly full, and about even men and women which will be a nice balance.

Hi Fiona,

Iam so looking forward to this trek, it should be a great Adventure.

I have been on quite a few trips with EXODUS but I think This is going to be an awesome experience.

Looking forward to meeting you , Happy Shopping Best Wishes Michael .


Hi All, really looking forward to the trip but very apprehensive as I have never done a trip like this  and never travelled alone before, so if you see a very nervous looking lady at the airport with a Exodus bag please say hello!!


Hi ,I am sure it will be a wonderrfully awesome, Experience , Having Previously travelled with Exodus on a regular bases , I have always had Truly wonderful Adventures and Superb Memories. It will be good to be in a Single group Departure. No worries I will look out for the Exodus Bag !! Looking forward to meeting you at Heathrow .


I will look out for fellow travellers clutching their exodus bags!!



Hi all. I'm booked on the trip, 3rd Exodus for me and I'm really looking forward to it. It's been hotter in Douz than I thought it would be, not sure I'll be using my sleeping bag to its full -5 degrees capacity. Suncream and Tilley hat at the ready.....

I think the trip is full now as I can't see it on the site any more for the 3rd November so it should be fun. Tracey don't be nervous, you'll have a great time I'm sure, Exodus hols are some of the best I've been on.

See you all at LHR!





Oops, I've just bought a sleeping bag that goes down to -9C.  I thought if they say it might go below freezing at night I had better be prepared.  Perhaps I'd better start thinking about sun cream now as well.  Isn't it difficult when you have to plan for both hot and cold.

Hi All,

Well less than a week to go untill our adventure begins. Yippee,

What are You all wearing on your feet Walking Boots   or Sandal Shoes ?

Theres mixed reviews on the exodus comments page.!

Looking forward to hear what youve decided on , Thanks Michael . 


Not long to go, got an equal mix of excitement and nerves. kit check tomorrow. Mike I'm wearing walking boots if that helps. Looking forward to meeting everyone on this adventure.


I'm wearing lightweight boots and will trial anklets to see if I can keep the sand out.  I may bring both trainers and sandals too as comfortable feet is so important. I'm not going to bring many clothes - if we can't wash there's not much point in changing clothes!


I've just checked the temperatures in Douz and they are high 20s even at nght, going down to around 14C later in the week.  Anone thinking of taking a lighter weight sleeping bag?

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