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Peaks and Valleys of the Atlas - any fellow travellers?

Sat, 07/03/2010 - 21:33


Am going on the Peaks and Valleys of the Atlas trip from 18th July-1st August. This is my first ever trip of this kind and would love to hear from anyone else who is booked on this trip.


Tue, 07/13/2010 - 22:30

Hi Nicola

I am going too! I arrive a day earlier and leave on the 3rd August. Morocco is a fantastic country- I visited it 20 years ago. I always wanted to trek in the Atlas Mountains so finally I am getting round to it.  I have been with Exodus once before to Kenya and they are really well-organised.  I have never done a walking holiday before so this should be interesting!  I am looking forward to meeting you in Marrakech on 18th July.  


PS I typed this once already so hopefully this response will get to you- not quite sure how this works.

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