Mobile Entertainment for 3 Week Camping Trip (Africa)

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I am now finally booked (after much trepidation) on the Desert and Delta Trip - basic camping in Botswana and Namibia.

As my aim is to travel light (well, I might manage it this time!) but to have some "luxuries" with me too, I think I will treat myself to  some technological wizardry but am confused and would welcome your advice.

I would like to be able to type a diary (which can later be emailed when I get into wifi areas - probably home!), read ebooks, maybe watch some movies, play a few games etc. It will probably need to have an extremely good battery as I don't know how often it could be charged.

I am considering an ipad, a Nexus 7,  a "wise-tech ultimate" android tablet (which is the only one of the three which can have added memory ie films plugged into it) or something else? Each machine has pros and cons of course. I haven't got a "wizzy" mobile to consider.

I (and possibly others) would really appreciate any helpful suggestions and would love to read about what YOU took with you on your trips in remote areas.


You won't have time! If Exodus run true to form, you'll be so fully occupied with the trip content you'll be glad to crawl into your sleeping bag and sleep. Leave technology at home, open your eyes and ears, and ENJOY!!

I would recommend an iPad. Mine has come with me on my last few trips. Whilst there probably wont be time to watch movies, it will be useful. I use mine to store trip notes, write a diary (an app called Chronicle) which can be emailed, to read novels and guide books, back up photos, star maps (an app called Star Walk) at night, bird checklist, weather forcast (with WiFi), foreign language translator. Battery life not great though.


Thank you for your helpful advice Cringeruk - some great suggested apps and the iPad is a strong possibility - though I am still waiting to check out the Nexus once it is available. 

I hope you are right Catislyn - and I hope I will sleep through the sound of the roaring lions, coughing hyenas etc!


a lot of clients are bringing 'toys' with them on trips.     if you can read whilst in a moving vehcile then you will be ok, but bear in mind some of the roads are very bumpy .  make sure you have a good strong case for it, the dust/sand in namibia can be very bad, particularly if windy.   there should be an invertor in the truck for charging, but a lot of campsites have power.   you will need a south africa style adaptor (square to round) for campsite charging,  which you can get at heathrow or joburg airports.

there is wifi in Maun and Swakopmund, otherwise you are out in the boonies, but if it works off 3G, you can get a signal in most places.  or buy a nambian sim card, will be cheaper than roaming, and you can just load the card with data rather than phone credit.   a namibian sim wont work in botswana, but you are only there for a few days, and most of that will be without a signal.

you wont have time to watch a movie, and you dont want to become so obsessed with technology that you miss what is going on around you.   there are internet cafes in a couple of places, so you can email the outside world to make them jealous of the great time you will be having!

hope that helps you. 


That's sooo helpful, Linda - thank you!

I've now bought the toy  and learning just what is possible to do with it  (a Galaxy Tab 2 7" which I'm thrilled with) 

However, I have no intention to spend my time engrossed in the new toy and ignoring the wonderful scenery - which is only a few weeks away now. Thanks once again.


glad to be of assistance.    sorry i wont get to meet you and the new toy, i'll be in Malawi by then.    Have an awesome time, i've just finished a Desert and Delta and it was just fabulous.


Me too. By the way, do you keep your main luggage with you all the time or do you need to "decant" for a night in the Delta?


decant into a day pack.  as its only an overnight trip, and there are no facilities - its a proper bush camp, you just need your pj's and toothbrush really.     your luggage is kept seperatly in the truck, and you take what you need for the day with you inside the truck.  there are lockers under the seats to keep stuff in.  its likely to be quite hot in the delta, i would recommend a small umbrella to protect you from the sun whilst on the mokoro.  you might get a few strange looks, but there is method in the madness!


Thanks Linda - hope our paths cross one day!!

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