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Marrakesh, Mountains, and Coast

Sat, 10/09/2010 - 14:23

Hello to my fellow travelers. I'll be arriving in Marrakesh Sunday Nov. 14 early in the morning. If anyone is also arriving early before the group flight from London, I'd love to meet you. Let's have lunch and explore the city.

Mon, 10/25/2010 - 10:44

Hello everyone. Dianne and I are arriving on the Ryanair flight from Luton, ETA 1710 Sunday 14 November. Anyone else on this flight? John

Mon, 11/01/2010 - 22:42

Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the group in Marrakesh!


Andy and Lorraine will be arriving on the Easyjet flight from Gatwick (ETA 19.40). Anyone else on this flight ?

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