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Lapland adventure and the Ice Hotel - 14th Feb

It would be great to hear from anyone going on this trip.


We are a group of 4 going on this trip.  Non of us have done anything like this before, so looking forward with excitement and a bit of trepidation.  Really want to see the Northern Lights.

Jacki, Kevin, Rob and Greg

Nicky B

Hi, thanks for getting in touch.  I feel exactly the same as I normally go for holidays in a warmer environment, so this is going to be a complete change.  Its hard to believe its going to be so cold and I just hope that I take the right clothes! There are so many things to be excited about - I think its going to be real fun. Seeing the Joanna Lumley programme about the Northern Lights  and the Ice Hotel made me decide to book and I am so excited about snow mobiling too.  It would be great to catch up nearer the time.



Hi - Although not going on this trip, have been in the past.  Don't worry about taking the right clothes. A good pair of thermals, gloves, hat and socks are required, but for all the winter activities you are given arctic suits.  Have a great time - you should have an experience of a life time!


Gail M

Hi, I'm Kat and am also booked on this trip, although given the recent weather I'm starting to question whether a trip full of snow was the best choice! Are you going on the group flights? I'm on the second flight from Stockholm but am flying BA to there.

I'm starting to get excited now!


Nicky B

Good to hear from you.  I too have been having exactly the same thoughts about heading out to more snow and extreme cold!  At least we should be slightly aclimatised and it will be proper snow rather than slush and ice.  I am really looking forward to all the activities and meeting everyone on the trip.  Im just having some mild panics as to whether I will have enough warm clothes - still got the thermals to get.

I think im on the group flight - i'd best check! 



So it's nearly time for our holiday now and I'm getting excited (and a little nervous!). If you want to meet at Arlanda airport before the flight to Kiruna, then let me know as if it's delayed I can see me getting quite bored waiting on my own!



We are on the group flight from Heathrow.  Will look out for any other group members.  Wish they had the new Exodus luggage labels ready, the new ones were easy to spot.  Looking forward to meeting you both on Sunday.

 Jacki, Kevin, Rob and Greg

Nicky B

Hi All

I too am on the group flight so hope to catch up with you.  Kat i'm definately up for meeting up at Arlanda.  If you want to get in touch outside of the forum my email address is [email protected].  I think we have quite a wait for our onward flight to Kiruna. I've started the packing today so just hope I havent forgotten anything important!  Im really looking forward to meeting you all and having an adventure. Nicky


Hi all,

Starting to really look forward to next week although not looking forward to spending 4+ hours at Arlanda. Let me know if anybody agrees a meeting point as it would be good to meet up. See you all on Sunday.


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