Kilimanjaro Trip August 22nd

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I am Stuart. My friend, Malcolm, and myself ahve just booked Kilimnajaro for the 21st August. 

I am really excited (and a little bit nervous) about it!


 I  Just wondered if anyone else had booked this trip.





I think if you hire the equipment from exodus then you only pack the sleeping bag into your kit bag. I am hiring so didn't have either in my kit bag when I practiced packed, I'm allowing 1.5-2 kg for the sleeping bag.

My 10kg did include my down jacket and my water proof jacket, not my walking poles though. There are a couple of things I still need to add. I had only put one of each layer in, so may add a second thermal layer and pair of trousers. I am taking 3 pairs of socks. I am going to wear my kit on the plane including taking my waterproof coat and probably put my down jacket in my day pack which will be my hand luggage.

It's all suddenly super close isn't it!!


Sure is! :) I am following your lead, roughly, and am probably taking enough clothes in my hand luggage, so could scrape by if needed. I do have 2 of each base layer but it is probably OTT which would be typical of me.... Really must start my training this weekend.....DOH ;)

I also have separate thermals to sleep in......guess what colour the top is!lol! I will probably have too much but them I am girl so it's expected I should over pack!

Still time to get a few walks in before Wednesday, you will be fine!!!


Malcolm: yes, if you hire the mat you don't have to put it in your bag.

I've packed my bag yesterday and tested the weight, I had 10.5kg and hadn't packed little bits and pieces, but had included my waterproofs which will go in my daypack. So I should be just fine. I'll travel in 'normal' clothes, and with a suitcase (guess the colour - lol). Kirsten, I'll pack two sets of thermals, one is pink too ;) I'll also pack two pairs of trousers... If it's too much but still within the weight limit I'm still super proud of myself - I never went on holidays before with so few stuff ;-)

I'm really nervous, am having trouble sleeping now as my mind can't stop spinning... No more test walks for me now, I'm on holiday after all - he he.

I've just checked in on-line! Sometimes you have to love technology!
Bag is packed & I think I'm ready to go! I'm a bit like Tigger today though, bouncing around all over the place!!

See those of you shipping out from Heathrow tomorrow :-)


Well mange to pack the sleeping mat in the bag, but definitely another advantage to hiring the kit. :)

Well impressed by all your packing weights. I pity the porter that gets my bag..... ;)

A trekking we shall go.

Djamila fit all my stuff in my suitcase. I hope it just makes 15kg... lol. No way I could pack a mat in my bag...

So excited! See you all over there :)

My kit bag weighed in at 11.3kg today and my bag for the plane is 14.5kg. The limit for the airplane is 20kg, so once all the protein bars are eaten and boots/old trainers dumped there will be lots of room for souvenirs on the way back!
Not sure I will get much sleep tonight! See you there!


11.3kg? Respect. How did you o that? Where are your female genes gone? He he. Now I'm worried, might have to re-think what I'm taking...

I've probably forgotten something really important! I'm going to wear my walking boots so that makes my bag for the plane a bit lighter!
I have put in 2 of most of the thinner layers, it's my protein bars, pills & potions that seem to weigh the most! I did only weigh it once so I'm hoping it wasn't wrong or the weighing device is dodgy!


All packed and ready to go. I've probably too much stuff, most of the weight seems to be taken up by snacks and bits and pieces, not actual gear... Oh we'll, I'll start to panic over there then ;) See you tomorrow morning!!!


Well Malcolm and myself are en-route. Sitting enjoying a coffee before boarding for heathrow.

See you all soon.

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