Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Route 12th Feb 2014

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So...I guess I am the first to post then....ok...My name is Dave Gurney and I have been talked into doing this "hill" by my brother (who is also going I get to give him grief if it gets too tough!). Am currently on the cross trainer most nights, and doing as many peaks in the UK this year as I can get away with...

So if your on this trip too, then I wish you luck and see you there!


Sorry about the 5 posts above everyone. We are having a pre-Kili get together and the vino has been flowing a bit.... So not too sure how our trek up Jacobs Ladder, Brown Knoll, Lords Seat & Mam Tor from Edale is going to end up in the morning. Oh well. See you soon guys. Rob G

I will take my video camera because  I want to record the trip in Spanish language, but I don't know how can I charge the batteries, any suggestion from somebody what is the best thing to do??? I am so excited I can't sleep thinking. Today I have spread all my stuff on the bed and the bag is too small!!, ... it is a joke I  managed to pack everything. I hope we all have a good time and celebrate in the summit. I have to say Thank you to my friend Angela, her enthusiasm is fantastic and she helped me with every thing, Big thank you Angie, I promise I will be good girl in the mountain, even when the altitud afect my it was in Everest..hahaha  


Hi everyone.

Well, this is it - the final countdown! Nicki, Dave, Jamie & I can't wait to meet our fellow trekkers. I'm sure we are going to have a brilliant time and hope we all achieve our goals. Plenty of snow forecast next week according to reports, and it's freezing above 4800m. So summit day might be a little chilly.... Anyone managed to get their mountain bag down to 15kgs yet??!! Rob G

Hi Rob I'm too scared to even weigh mine I keep putting more and more in just in case. Margarita has done hers and said her case is very heavy?
I can't believe it's only 9 days I am full of cold at the moment and still suffering with my ribs!
Never mind I will just get on with it though :-)
I have been checking the weather aswel and I'm quite sure it is going to be very cold!

Soon be there

Ang :-)


Anyone on the KQ101 flight tomorrow evening? I'll be likely wearing a blue rab jacket and have a brown lowe alpine bag if anyone spots me (!) TG the tube strike has been called off (!) especially with the problems now with the lines out of Paddington (!!) Looking forward to the trip! Chris


Hi Chris

We are on the Ethiopia flight out of Heathrow tomorrow evening, so I guess we will see you in Arusha. Really looking forward to it too. Safe journey mate. Rob G

Hiya guys we are traveling from Manchester so see you all Thursday.
Safe journey everyone :-))


Look forward to seeing you all "on the hill" in just a few days time! Cant quite believe the day is really here...but cannot wait to get started now. All the best everyone. Dave G


Hi all

If anyone else is currently sat in Heathrow terminal 3 departure lounge, we are sat in the Bridge pub having a Guiness drinking competition, if anyone would care to join us. I'm winning at the moment.....

See you!
Rob G

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